Section D Year in Review

What a great bunch of folks I got to know in Section D. A diverse group…gold miners, Broadway singers, Olympic athletes, cavalrymen, Tight Ends, prom queens, and class clowns. Quite possibly the perfect cross-section of the Class of 2004. Ambassadors and true representatives…solidly average in all aspects, but deficient in none. And that’s just how… Continue reading Section D Year in Review

The Coastal

. . . So I’m sitting in another EM case, and I have to hear another comment: “It makes sense to go and focus on a place like New York City, but I’m concerned about their idea of marketing salons in Kansas City.” Like people in Kansas City don’t have hair. It’s not a mean… Continue reading The Coastal

They Said What

Derek Lewis (NI) (commenting in BGIE about a woman whose hair color was similar to the wall’s): “The most interesting observation about this drawing of life in Germany in the 20s is that the woman in the centre has no head, which means…” —Torarie Durden (NI) (during the BGIE class on German Inflation – commenting… Continue reading They Said What

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Can I Check Your Passport?

The helmet is fastened tightly around the athlete’s neck. The ice glistens. The crowd roars. After a brief moment of hesitation, the competitor assumes the position. Salt Lake City? I think not. We can’t skip class, remember? So instead, the A-Team had to take it upon ourselves and bring the Olympics to Allston by way… Continue reading Can I Check Your Passport?

Strange Behavior

As did the whole RC class, the A-Team began another new course this past week-The Entrepreneurial Manager. Normally this would not merit more than a few words, much less a few sentences, in this column. However, the section’s behavior so far in this class is just way too bizarre and comical not to investigate. Perhaps… Continue reading Strange Behavior