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SA President Elects Speak Out

Last week, The Harbus sat down with Luis Rodriguez (NF) and Sid Yog (NE), recent SA Co-President elects to find out their perspectives and outlook on their new roles. The Harbus: What are the big parts of your agenda that you want students to know about and are looking forward to implementing during your term?…


Losing My Vote

I didn’t vote yesterday -and not for lack of effort. After visits to two polling stations, telephone calls to the Boston and Cambridge Voting Commissions, and pleas to an Election Warden, I gave up. Somehow, in my move from Cambridge to Soldiers Field Park, I was dropped from the Cambridge voting list and never added…


French Presidential Elections:

What happened? In last week’s first round of the French presidential elections, with 16.9% of the votes, Jean-Marie Le Pen (extreme right candidate) placed second to conservative President Jacques Chirac (19.9%), beating out Social Democrat Prime Minister Lionel Jospin (16.2%). As only the first two candidates of the first round qualify for the second round,…


Jensen (NI) and Khan (ND) elected SA co-presidents

Last Thursday Annemarie Jensen (NI) and Salman Khan (ND) were elected as the new SA co-presidents. In an election characterized by a high turnout rate of 71%, Jensen and Khan defeated the opposing presidential slate of Catherine Rucker (NH) and Brian Wheelan (ND). The margin of victory was not released. Speaking after the results, Jensen…


HBS Grad Elected NYC Mayor

Harvard Business School graduates now hold the two toughest jobs in the country. Michael Bloomberg, HBS 1966, the billionaire founder of the financial news and information network that bears his name, was elected Mayor of New York City last Tuesday, and will take on the immense task of rebuilding the city’s economy and psyche in…


HBS Grad Bloomberg Elected NYC Mayor

Michael Bloomberg, HBS ’66, was elected Mayor of New York City Tuesday, overcoming tremendous odds to become the first Republican ever to succeed another Republican as mayor of the nation’s largest city. Bloomberg will have his work cut out for him as he takes the helm of a city that was rocked by the terrorist…


Gore Returns to Harvard

In his second public address since leaving the Vice Presidency in January, Al Gore received a roaring welcome from the partisan crowd gathered at the Kennedy School, which packed the floor, two balconies and at least one overflow room. After being introduced by Harvard President Larry Summers, who worked with him as U.S. Treasury Secretary…

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