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Spotlight on Africa

Reflections from Rwanda By Lincoln Edwards (NE) What did you do over J-Term?I traveled to Rwanda as part of the first ever African IXP. The purpose of the trip was to provide volunteer consulting for non-profits in Rwanda. My team of six HBS students, plus one local business school student, worked with a USAID-funded non-profit…


The Habu Takes On Egypt

In our very first meeting, the tour guide for the Egypt trek nicknamed the participants “Habu.” In Arabic, “Habu” means the “glory.” After the trip, all agreed that it was a glorious journey indeed. On the first night, the Habu gathered in Cairo and ate at Sequoia, a trendy Miami beach-style restaurant. As everyone would…


The Mini Marshall Plan

The Education For Employment Foundation is creating job opportunities for young people in Muslim countries. Ron Bruder watched the Twin Towers fall, not knowing whether his daughter Megan had made it out alive. She did, but neither witness nor survivor emerged unruffled. Ron and Megan, a journalist, spoke at length about terrorism and the Middle…


The RC Forecast for the Year

As summer starts to wind down and us RCs prepare to enter our first year at HBS, we all begin to wonder, What does this year hold in store for us? What is this transformational experience all about? Will people become competitive once they’re done being nice and friendly during orientation? And of course, the…


An Interview with Amira El-Adawi

Thinking about summer internship in social enterprise? Want to know how your MBA skills would be applied? Wondering how the experience would meet your goals and interests? Jesse Souweine, Vice President of Careers for the Social Enterprise Club, asked Amira El-Adawi, a 2002 Summer Associate with the Acumen Fund. Harbus: Tell me a little bit…


Highlights from Egypt Trek

If there is one thing that can put life into perspective, it is seeing gigantic buildings and monuments built by extraordinary people five thousand years ago. Visiting Egypt makes you realize that, basically, your life is meaningless. You realize that there is no point worrying about little things like reading cases and securing employment. It…


Plus ‡a change…

The U.S. government has announced in recent weeks that it would pledge $29M to promote democracy in the Middle East. While it remains unclear what “promoting democracy” really means in precise terms, such an announcement, even if the money pales in comparison to official US aid to the region, would have usually been vigorously applauded…


Book Review:

God, it’s hard to be an atheist. You would have thought that once you renounce the divine and throw in your lot with science, logic should be on your side. But Lady Logic is scrupulously fair. You can’t prove that something (i.e. God) doesn’t exist without evidence of a contradiction. The best is to say…


What's In A Video Tape?

When I arrived in Cairo shortly after the official release by the U.S. government of the “Bin Laden Tape,” I was surprised by the way it was received in Egypt and elsewhere in the Middle East: barely anyone seemed to take notice of the tape, which was much fanfared in the US and Europe as…


Egypt and Tanzania

On May 14th, while most first year students were still trying to get over a week that saw final exams, Newport Ball and a race to shore up internships for the summer and second years were getting over hangovers from the latest party culminating a year of debaucheries, 50 HBS students boarded a Swissair flight…

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