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Occupy Harvard Pro-Con

Our Responsibility to Occupy Harvard By Ben Beachy and Jason Rowe (HKS) Since the Occupy movement entered the gates of Harvard Yard, too much discussion has focused on the gates themselves, not the responsibility of those of us who study behind them. One of the gates—Dexter Gate—bears the following inscription: “Enter to grow in wisdom. …


Austerity: Bite the Bullet

  Forget the F-word. Some influential politicians and economists are trying to prevent a new, unfathomable term from seeing the light of day. Austerity. Armed with an arsenal of Keynesian economics and horror stories from the Great Depression, these people are desperately trying to convince us that it is ok to run enormous fiscal deficits…


Moneyball: Major League Baseball CFO Discusses Career and the Economics of Baseball

On January 28, Jonathan Mariner (HBS ’78), Executive Vice President and CFO of Major League Baseball, spoke to HBS students about his career and the economics of professional baseball. On January 28, the Business of Sports Club hosted one of professional sports’ most influential executives when Jonathan Mariner, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Office…


Zibby Crashes Chatham

It?s easy to get caught up in the heavy workload of first semester. It?s tempting to become totally distracted by things like midterms or group projects. But I seem to remember a certain PowerPoint presentation delivered during Orientation Week in Burden that instructed us all to keep some balance in our lives. Remember?Well, last weekend…


Students Flock to Meet Chinese Economist

On the first Friday afternoon of the new school year, almost 100 students packed Aldrich 209 for a presentation by Prof. Zhang Jun on China’s economic development. The event was organized by the Asia Business Club.Prof. Zhang Jun is one of the most prominent economists in China today, serving as the Associate Dean of the…

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