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Students Share Strength in Aftermath of Tragedy

It can be difficult coping with the stresses of HBS during the best of times. After the unbelievable horror of the events on September 11, many of us turned to existing networks of family, faith groups, and friends to see us through. Other people, perhaps feeling somewhat isolated here on campus, sought comfort here in…


Case Rip Cord Hits the EC

Welcome to the first edition of the Case Rip Cord for this academic year. In this column, we look at the lighter side of the cases we see in class everyday. Your contributions to this column are welcome, and we’re especially seeking comments from first years on RC cases. Please email your comments to Case.Rip.Cord@mba2002.hbs.edu….



For the past year we have been hearing about the new wave of B2B and B2C: “Back to Banking” and “Back to Consulting”. The question on the minds of many EC students is which of these options to go for. Given the weight of this decision in determining quality of life post our HBS honeymoon…



Since I got here, I have been more flustered and confused over the acronyms that are used here than over the cases. At the risk of sounding stupid, I will mention a few that I’ve struggled with thus far: I thought “EC” meant “Extra Curricular”-didn’t know how it was used…thought maybe you take your RC…


News from the Hive

As the EC year starts, the first of the changes is apparent right away-appending “O” before the section letter, rather than “N.” The section gang started getting together a day or two before the section reunions, and there was a gathering at David Wygant’s moontower as well. The Hive bore a new naked look, as…


Welcome Back ECs

Just as the Class of 2003 had started feeling a little settled, having gotten the Crimson Greetings glitter off their hands and foreheads, and into Foundations, they were subjected to a shocking disturbance. The ECs are back. As nine hundred people stormed back into what they felt was their domain, the hapless RCs watched the…


Action-Packed Year Ahead for the SA

Welcome to the Class of 2003 and welcome back to the Class of 2002! As we get ready to begin another exciting year at HBS, we’d like to take a couple minutes to give you an update on the Student Association (SA) and what we hope to accomplish for you this year. What the heck…


EC Course Selection: The Sequel

If you thought the angst of class registration was past, think again. It will be time to reconsider the benefits of the X and Y schedule again, even before we return to campus in September. Students do have a brief respite though-until August 15.For the next month, the computers at Course Services will be whirring…


The C&S Approach to Social Events

In the spirit of the Summer and our incredible upcoming EC year, SA-Social is committed to a couple of changes that will make some even more fun events available to the HBS Community. Here are some ways that we plan to be sure that the event “pollution” stays to a minimum and event quality increases…


Voting Begins This Week for Faculty Awards

On Wednesday, June 6th at the Class Day ceremony on Baker Beach, the graduating class will honor four professors with the Class of 2001 Student Association Faculty Award. Graduating students bestow this honor upon two required curriculum and two elective curriculum faculty members, who made particularly exceptional contributions to their HBS experience. This week, EC…


The EC Course Review Makes Selecting Classes Easier

Last year when Yale Levin (OC), Stephen Moret (OC), and I volunteered to work with Harbus Online to improve the EC course selection process we had no idea what impact this project would have on our class. The more we talked with second years, the more we realized that selecting EC classes had been a…


Issues Poll Sheds Light on Top Student Wishes

Well over 1300 HBS students recently completed the second annual Student Issues Poll, an online survey developed by the Student Association (SA) to help the SA focus its efforts on the issues of greatest importance to HBS students. Mini Desai (OK), SA Co-President, said, “The students did a phenomenal job rallying together and giving their…


Shad Caf‚ and Littering – two complaints!

Complaint 1Why are HBS students so bloody short sighted? Have you been to Shad Caf‚ for lunch lately? It is a veritable ghost town. Spangler meanwhile is like the London Underground in peak rush hour! I hear people moaning about the congestion, the cramped spaces and the average quality of the food and yet do…


Section TBD

After starting classes, the January cohort prepared themselves for a busy weekend. There were, of course, some people who decided to take advantage of the long weekend and travel. The ones who stayed, however, were ready to party all over the place, and with a vengeance! We started warming up on Thursday, when 40+ people…

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