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For a Good Cause

Everyone at HBS is pitching in to contribute to the Katrina relief efforts, even the young ones. Here, 5-year old Callie Avondet sells lemonade outside of the Grille last Friday, September 16 during the Friday TGIF event for RC’s and EC’s to raise money for donation to the relief effort. Callie had plenty of customers…


EC's Make Case for More Efficient Class Prep

Feel like you spent too much time with your nose in the books last year? Wish you would’ve gone about case prep differently and been able to spend more time elsewhere? RC’s have the tough task of managing a daily case load and at the same time trying to get the most out of the…


The Best of Cambridge: The Votes Are In

The poll is completed, the results are in: Here are the ECs favorites when it comes to Cambridge bars, restaurants, and dancing. Also included in this poll are some helpful “tips” on dating – either in HBS or outside of the bubble. Some common themes beg me to comment on the results. So here we…


Long Hours Make Some EC's Re-Consider Career Options

Did you bend but not break this summer working long hours at the firm? Decide that punching in on the weekends is not your sort of thing? Many EC’s came back from their summer internship experience with greater insight into what they want out of a full-time position. The Harbus found that what EC’s developed…


Designing a Dorm on a Dime

The HBS dorms: You were probably pretty stoked when you got your lottery number confirming a place in the on-campus dorms. That feeling was replaced by panic as you open the door to find that you have an 8×10 room to call home for the next 9 months. By now that 6th floor studio walk-up…


Some EC's Lukewarm on Summer Internship Experience

For all EC’s, this past summer was an opportunity to apply all the acquired knowledge of an RC year gone by into 10-12 weeks of summer internship employment. Although some were certain that they had locked in the job of their dreams, others were content with earning back some of the cash spent on Newport…


Some Students Have Reservations about HBS Experience

For most, the experience of coming to HBS has been overwhelmingly positive; but some have different views on their decision to come to HBS. What has your experience been like the past year (or for EC’s, the past 2 years)? The Harbus asked RC’s and EC’s the following question: Question: As the year at HBS…


EC Course Selection Starts Soon

Congratulations RC’s? Your wish is about to be granted. Since that long ago day in August when you were assigned a seat in an assigned classroom where you would sit for all your assigned class, you have craved one thing… Freedom of Choice! The freedom to choose a seat outside of the Worm Deck and…


Class Day

On behalf of the class day comittiee, I would like to contribute an article to provide EC’s with a preview of Class Day and Graduation week similar to the article published 3/8/2004 – Who should I contact to discuss? Bryan Morganbmorgan@mba2005.hbs.edu


HBS Valentine's Day Plans

In your opinion, Valentine’s Day is: 54.5% – A marketer’s dream18.2% – Another day, another case 18.2% – Special time of the year to say “I love you” in a creative way 9.1% – Great opportunity to reveal true feelings . . . and get embarrassed To get ready for Valentine’s Day, I’ll be: 31.8%…


HBS Students Set To Raise $200,000

Why do people really come to HBS? Is it for the academics? Is it for networking? Is it to figure out how to defraud the banking system? No. We come here to socialize and you know it. EC students are planning to tap into the common social nature of HBS students to raise $200,000 for…


Looking Forward…

Welcome back! As the new Harbus sports editors, we wanted to give you a little taste of what to look for in these pages over the next few months. Why Sports?How many of your classmates did you see limping around campus last semester? Remember that EC who warned you about Shad-related injuries? For us first-year…



Vending Machine Dispenses Soda, Lessons in Workforce Diversity The mission of the humble vending machine has taken a noble turn in the basement of Aldrich, according to anonymous sources. There, above the coin-slot, the buttons, and the Crimson Cash swiper, a picture of diverse professional colleagues can be seen: laughing, leading, and succeeding with Diet…


Humor Editor Fails to Write Harbus Farewell, Papers

EC student Maria Wich-Vila (OE) is well aware of the fact that, as outgoing humor editor/writer for the HBS newspaper, she is here supposed to write some sort of fond farewell, a last Harbus hurrah. However, continuing with her breathtaking record so far this term, she won’t be able write such a farewell, because she…


Thanks for the Memories

To my loyal column reader, It has finally come down to this, my last anonymous article for the Harbus. From now on, I will have to put my name at the end of my articles, and risk public ridicule, humiliation, and potential persecution by those that disagree with my views. I find it hard to…


Top 10 Legal Pitfalls of Entrepreneurs

In a rush to create a business plan and talk to venture capitalists, entrepreneurs often overlook the legal aspects of starting and growing a business. On November 8th, Professor Constance Bagley shared with a packed room of students the Top 10 Legal Pitfalls of Entrepreneurs. Bagley, who teaches an EC course on the Legal Aspects…


A Sharper Image

Three buttons, point collars, four in hands…oh my! Dust off your suit and shine your shoes — the interviews are about to begin. After spending several years in the fashion industry, I wondered how I could give advice about interview attire. After all, I did buy my first suit for the HBS interview, and even…


Diwali 2004: The Festival of Lights

Over 400 HBS students crowded their way into a full house at the Williams Room on Saturday, Oct.22nd for the annual Diwali Party organized by the South Asian Business Association (SABA). Diwali, the Indian New Year, celebrates the emergence out of darkness and into light and knowledge. The festival of light signifies the renewal of…


54.8 Percent of HBS Students are Democrats?!

As the 2004 presidential election heats up, the political pundits are talking about the differences between “red states” and “blue states.” According to conventional wisdom, red states dominate the South and the Mid-West, and the folks there vote Republican, attend religious services regularly, and support the war in Iraq. Blue states exist on the East…


EC's Broadening Definition of "Section Event", "Excused Absence"

The start of a new school year is leading to bold new interpretations of standard HBS norms by this year’s EC class. For starters, “Section Events”, which last year meant, “something that the whole section is invited to,” now means, “Something that you’ll get an evite for, but are actually not expected to attend.” Creative…


Feel the Inbox Love

One thing that I really missed over the summer, and that I’m really enjoying about being back at HBS, is my increasing popularity. Over the summer, I would get maybe 10-15 emails a day, and I was really starting to feel sad and lonely. Thankfully, now that the EC year has started I’m back up…


Crossing the Chasm HBS-Style

We all heard the call from the SA to work toward greater interaction between RCs and ECs, but since when does anything the SA proposes actually happen? Well, the balance of the HBS universe was disrupted last week when RC and EC worlds collided. Oh, they can try to keep us apart: they can schedule…


News in Brief

Real Property Leads to Real Destruction of Real Property(Aldrich 9) The newly renovated Aldrich classrooms were not prepared for the onslaught of EC students attempting to enroll in the fall’s most popular course, Real Property. “I know that the class is quadruple over-subscribed, but I’m not going to let that stop me!” proclaimed Sam Hendricks….


Making Dreams Come True:

Brit Dewey: Before we start, the first thing I’d like to do is welcome the Class of 2006. It’s fantastic to have everyone on campus. To start people successfully and to have them graduate successfully, those are the highlights which we work for here at Admissions. So a great welcome to everybody. The Harbus: What…


The S in Success @ HBS

Congratulations to the graduating HBS MBA Class of 2004! We want to express our gratitude to you for running things so efficiently in this past year and we wish you good luck in your future careers. The outgoing Class of 2004 has always been very helpful in getting the RC students over the hurdles of…


News In Brief:

EC Students Start Cramming for Friendships(HBS) EC students on campus started cramming for friendships last week, just like they crammed for finals in college. According to the EC student Hal Kernan, “Once I realized there were only four weeks left of school, I started emailing all the people I’ve tangentially known over the past two…


Poll Causes Turnaround in Class Selection Strategy

(Aldrich) After participating in a poll entitled “Have You Met Your Love at HBS?” RC student Mary Rich (Section M) completely revised her class selection strategy. Though Mary worked at P&G for four years before coming to HBS, and despite the fact she asserted “I hope to gain a deeper understanding of the many fascinating…

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