You’ve Been Invited to The Garbage Games

Blood rushes to the surface of your skin as your heart races and adrenaline pounds through your veins. A bead of sweat rolls off your cheek and splashes on the floor. In an instant, the games have begun. Shrieks echo off the walls as you wade through a pile of refuse, fighting for the highest… Continue reading You’ve Been Invited to The Garbage Games

The Moon Daughter's Riddle

This story is dedicated to Earth Mother, whom we honor on Earth Day, April 22. From the Beginning, Earth Mother was quick with child. She gave birth to twins, Sea Daughter and Cloud Daughter, who together shielded her and each other from Sky Father’s withering glare. Yet even the Twins combined could not withstand the… Continue reading The Moon Daughter's Riddle

Earth Day Activities Around Massachusetts

Ashland CleanupTown officials are looking for volunteers to clean up roadsides and schools to celebrate Earth Day. Bags, vests, tools, and refreshments will be provided. A noontime lunch and environmental fair also are planned. The celebration of Clean Up Ashland Day and Earth Day, sponsored by the Board of Health and Recycling Committee, is scheduled… Continue reading Earth Day Activities Around Massachusetts

Where did Earth Day Come From?

Earth Day, event first observed internationally on April 22, 1970, to emphasize the necessity for the conservation of the world’s natural resources. Starting as a student-led campus movement, initially observed on March 21, Earth Day has become a major educational and media event. Environmentalists use it as an occasion to sum up current environmental problems… Continue reading Where did Earth Day Come From?