Get Unwired.

No one doubt whether wireless networking (WiFi) is a hugely practical and liberating innovation. Our campus is “unwired” to support our free roaming and wandering internet usage to the point where after 9 months we are already taking it for granted. So much in fact that we have started cursing the fact that Bluesocket isn’t… Continue reading Get Unwired.

Wireless Technology : A Blue-Chip Future

What is Bluetooth, and what makes it so revolutionary?Bluetooth is a surprisingly simple method of electronic communication that will make cables obsolete. Instead of plugging machines into each other-a TV to a DVD player, a laptop to a printer-Bluetooth allows the exchange of information via radio waves transmitted by chips implanted in each device. It… Continue reading Wireless Technology : A Blue-Chip Future

Wireless Access Has Arrived

You’re sitting comfortably in the Spangler lounge, hard at work on that detailed, heavily-researched, incisive half-page BGIE write-up for your study group. Suddenly, you get the urge to hop online to see how your Webvan stock is doing. Is it down 98 or 99%, you wonder? Alas, the line at the closest terminal stretches around… Continue reading Wireless Access Has Arrived

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