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HIT Rescue: A Tech Solution to Serve Patients and Reunite Families

HBS students rely on iPhones to organize their life, track appointments during the day and remain connected to news and email at all times – but have you ever considered how an iPhone could be used to serve patients and reunite families in a post-disaster environment like Haiti? Arriving in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic three…


Global Microentrepreneurship Award Program Spearheaded by HBS Students

This past November, small business owners from developing countries around the world were recognized by a new initiative called the Global Microentrepreneurship Awards. The effort, spearheaded by a group of US graduate students and led by a team from HBS, was part of the official launch of the “UN International Year of Microcredit”. Award competitions…


HBS Students Promote Globalization over the Holidays

It may be hard to believe, but just a couple of weeks ago students were frolicking in exotic locales such as Brazil, Mount Kilimanjaro (elevation: 19,335.6 ft., or almost 6 miles), the Dominican Republic, and Hawaii. Concentrate intensely and you can still feel the warm sand in your toes and gentle breezes providing welcome relief…


All About I

Why is it that people always criticize that to which they aspire but, frankly, will never be? Its funny, but after being prominently featured in this magazine for the past semester by guys who can only guess what I is all about, I thought that it is time to show other sections what having a…


Summer Tales-Septembers Go Free

It is impossible to chart the globe trotting or airmiles racked up by the Septembers with four free months to play with – those who didn’t engage in a trek to far off lands were the exception rather than the rule. If anybody didn’t leave Boston for the entire Summer, we should hear about it…


Dominican Republic

Scott and Beth Johnson organized an all-inclusive trip for nearly 40 couples (plus Johnny) to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. We played golf, drank, laid on the beach, drank, played beach volleyball, drank, sailed, drank, gambled, drank, fished (actually, bobbed on a boat for four hours and did nothing), drank, went SCUBA diving and snorkeling, drank,…


HID Conference Ponders Aids Developments

On April 6-7, 2001, the world congregated at The Kennedy School of Government for the Seventh Annual Harvard International Development Conference. Speakers from places such as China, Bangladesh, Bolivia, South Africa, Latvia, Mexico, Brazil, and Dominican Republic, spoke about “Delivering Impact: Evolving Partnerships in International Development.” The conference organizers, made up from a partnership of…

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