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The Case Study Method

One of the defining features of the HBS educational experience, the case study method is the pedagogy of choice for all of your first-year classes. If you are used to endless problem sets and/or clear resolution of issues at the end of a class, then the case study method may prove frustrating at first (as…


Inside HBS Admissions with Brit Dewey

The Harbus sat down with Brit Dewey, the Managing Director, MBA Admissions and Financial Aid at the Harvard Business school to discuss the school’s perspective on the admissions process, and the affect that external influences such as the economy and Affirmative Action litigation will have on the processes. The Harbus: The woes of the job…


Dynamic Women in Business Conference – 2003

Female alumni, students, and members of the business community descended on the HBS campus on Saturday, January 25th to listen to keynote speakers and attend industry panels at the “Dynamic Women in Business 2003” conference, hosted annually by the Women’s Student Association. From far and wide they came to share strategies on building rewarding and…


Editorial: Remembering King

On the first day of class, while walking through the tunnel system, I passed a couple of students who were talking about our day off on Monday the 20th. Sadly, while they were overjoyed not to have a set of cases to plow through, they seemed to have no recognition of the significance of our…


The Importance of National Coming Out Day

October 11th marks National Coming Out Day. Organized by the Human Rights Campaign, the day encourages gay men, lesbians and bisexuals to be honest about their sexual orientation with their family, friends, and others important to them. As someone who is already out to my close friends, section-mates, and others in my everyday life, it…


Debunking The HBS Myths: Taylor Tells All

I wasn’t asked to speak by the admission committee, and I don’t get a cut if I can get you to attend HBS – I’m just a guy who loves this school and hopes to help you learn exactly what you’re in for. To start off, let me tell you a bit about myself so…


OJ Goes Skiing

OJ’s community spirit was in evidence last Friday when the Academic Office invited us to review a new MBA teaching case designed for use across multiple subjects. The case involves Mr. Mothy, the owner-manager of a small hand-operated printing press in Baghdad specializing in government promotional leaflets. Ten years ago, business had dried up abruptly…


Auntie Sam:

Dear Auntie Sam,Long before I thought of applying to HBS, I heard from my brother, a member of the Class of 1999, of The Secret Society. He told me The Society was an elite, distinguished group of individuals with shared common interests that extended beyond merely their existence at HBS. This Society was akin to…


Not Just "Math Camp": HBS Prematriculation Programs

The Admissions Committee’s ability to shape an MBA cohort out of the enormous pile of qualified applicants is truly an art form. “We admit a group of incredibly capable and…diverse people every year,” says Brit Dewey, Managing Director of MBA Admissions and Financial Aid. “The richness of diversity makes the experience at HBS.” But along…

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