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Eating Out: Taiwan Cafe

In the hustle and bustle of Boston’s Chinatown, it can be hard to spot the truly delicious Chinese food. Although Spangler’s dumplings and rice bowls are a welcome choice during the busy school-lunch hour, nights or weekends will hopefully present spare time to explore some more authentic options. If you are looking for a taste…


Eating Out – Sonsie

If you have ever strolled up and down Newbury Street doing a tough day of shopping, you will no doubt have walked by this restaurant. In the summer, its high French doors open onto the sidewalk, making it prime people-watching real estate. However, the warm glow and bustling atmosphere revealed beyond its picture windows will…


B&G Oyster – Classic Seafood with Flair

When I think New England, I think seafood. Not the fancy towers of tuna sashimi or perfectly arranged plate of halibut cooked “sous vide” but rather the charming roadside restaurants in Maine. Perhaps it’s the crisp outdoor air but somehow this casual dining experience inevitably makes the lobster taste sweeter and the memories of fresh…


Taranta: Not Your Typical Italian Fare

It is always with the best of intentions that I set off with a bunch of friends in search of a decent dinner. Without the discipline to actually plan and make reservations at a pre-agreed upon restaurant, we figure that our chances of stumbling on to a fabulous meal are much improved if we wander…


Restaurant Review: Ginza – Japanese Gem in Chinatown

I finally found a solution to the interminably long lunchtime lines for sushi at Spangler. Taking advantage of the first long weekend of the year, we decided to finally get away from the HBS campus and explore downtown Boston. Exploring with a specific destination in mind was perhaps a bit ambitious given my general confusion…


Restaurant Review: Umbria

Umbria – the city known as the “green heart of Italy” – is the inspiration for this eating establishment located in Boston’s Financial District. It was born on the platform of providing traditional Umbrian dishes, as well as simple, yet robust, cuisine. The truth is, Umbria has oozing potential to be a first-class joint, yet…


Restaurant Review: Grill 23

It is not difficult to understand why Grill 23 is considered by most to be Boston’s best steakhouse. The dining experience will most certainly leave you wanting to come back for more. Upon entering the restaurant, you could easily think that you had entered a country club in Pinehurst. The dining room evokes a feeling…

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