H-BS Special: Election Watch 2004

Testifying before the House of Representatives Financial Services Committee, Federal Reserve Chairman Allen Greenspan took aim at President Bush’s economic policies Wednesday, criticizing what he called “massive, unrestrained spending in the context of massive, unrestrained tax cuts.” In response to Greenspan’s criticisms, which adds to the choruses from Democratic presidential candidates who see the economy… Continue reading H-BS Special: Election Watch 2004

Live from KSG

On Monday, November 19, Chris Matthews hosted Democratic Presidential candidate Carol Moseley Braun on the fifth edition of ‘Hardball: Battle for the White House.’ The series, co-sponsored by the Institute of Politics (IOP) at the Kennedy School of Government (KSG), airs live on MSNBC and gives members of the Harvard community an opportunity to ask… Continue reading Live from KSG

Dukakis Urges Students Not To Forget 'Domestic Challenges'

Former Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis last week called on members of the HBS community not to let the nation be so consumed with the war on terrorism that it ignores “fundamental domestic challenges”-like the need to extend health care coverage to 43 million Americans who are uninsured.“If we’re serious about creating a society in this… Continue reading Dukakis Urges Students Not To Forget 'Domestic Challenges'