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The True Tale of the HBS Show

Gather, my children, and you shall knowOf the glorious story of the HBS Show. And why, you might ask, was this on the down-low?Well, it started off slow, then it started to grow. In a dark lonely winter, back in ’74.Before Spangler and Grafton, second year was a bore.Law School had its Parody, the college…


Crossing the Chasm HBS-Style

We all heard the call from the SA to work toward greater interaction between RCs and ECs, but since when does anything the SA proposes actually happen? Well, the balance of the HBS universe was disrupted last week when RC and EC worlds collided. Oh, they can try to keep us apart: they can schedule…


Section G Captures Olympic Gold

The RC class spent last Wednesday afternoon in a heated inter-section competition – the annual Section Olympics. Mike Butville (NB) and Sri Krishnamachari (NI) kicked off the opening ceremonies with much fanfare, well disguised as Deans Clark and Kester. However, the real Dean Kester arrived just in time to tag the aforementioned thespians with dodgeballs,…


Terms of Endowment:

Amateur and Drama. Two words that upon leaving University I never hoped to hear in the same sentence again. You see for some the word amateur conjures up images of sacrifice, of dedication, of the pursuit of perfection, of someone doing something for the sheer love of the activity, irrespective of monetary reward. But for…



After months of anticipation, the HBS show delighted audiences last week in four performances held at Burden Auditorium. Above: Playing the role of Dean Kester, Sri Krishnamachari brought down the house with “I Lost My ID”. For more photos and a review of the 2004 HBS Show, please see A&E


As Feb. 20th New Club Deadline Approaches; Dean Begs Students "For the Love of God, Please Miss the Deadline"

(Spangler) As the February 20th new club deadline approaches, Dean Clark held a press conference yesterday imploring the students to “please miss the gosh darn deadline.” “No fewer than seven clubs were started last semester,” Clark said as he prepared to hit up an Exec Ed student for a donation. “We now have more than…


Network Effect: The 2003 HBS Show

The lights came up last week in Burden Auditorium, dazzling and delighting audiences with this year’s HBS Show, “Network Effect”. Packed with witty references about life at HBS, the students and partners involved in “Network Effect”, established once and for all that there exist among us some highly talented HBS students and left the rest…


Dean Clark Responds to Student Concerns

On Wednesday, April 2, in a sparsely filled Spangler Auditorium where administrators nearly outnumbered students, Dean Clark fielded questions from students on topics including the involvement of human resource management in the current curriculum, the school’s perspective on spurring on opportunities in the non-profit sector, the role of HBS in shaping versus reacting to changes…



Each year, a certain pop-psych analysis of the RC and EC classes emerges based on common observation and intermittent light gossip. Last year, many RCs (now ECs) observed that the Class of 2002 seemed rather unreceptive to RCs, and at times, a little weird. Of course, it was the Class of 2003 that received the…


Breaking News

Capitulating to dissent from several student groups, a toga-clad Dean W. Carl Kester officially announced today that the outcome of the Class of 2003 Section Olympics, rather than Michael Porter’s Alphabetical Selection Method, will determine which section is eliminated for next year’s incoming class. “Friends, Romans, Countrymen: Based on public response to our ten-section reorganization…


Administration Launches MBA Service Leadership Fellows Program

Last Wednesday, the Dean’s Office and the MBA Program launched a major new initiative to drive more MBA graduates into the social sector. Under the new Service Leadership Fellows Program, Harvard Business School will subsidize $80,000 salaries for graduating MBAs to serve in high-impact government or not-for-profit positions for at least one year. The administration…


Dean's Memo Stirs Awareness and Reflection

On Monday, December 12, MBA Program Director and Dean Carl Kester sent a memo to the full MBA student body about “standards and expectations regarding professional behavior.” In it, he highlighted six behavioral themes that included class attendance, behavior in public spaces on campus and at off-campus events, and classroom decor. While Dean Kester acknowledged…

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