Southern Barbecue Delights at Redbones

In Davis Square, the one block radius surrounding Redbones is permeated with the enticing aroma of barbeque. The well-loved restaurant, which opened in 1987, serves a steady stream of diners seeking humble Southern food. The Redbones menu contains the Southern specialties one might expect – pulled pork, BBQ beef, ribs, and cornbread. Redbones is known… Continue reading Southern Barbecue Delights at Redbones

Surviving the New England Winter: You Scream, I Scream, Ice Cream!

When I moved to Cambridge from Honduras a few years ago, I was mentally prepared for endless winters and the worst possible scenario, whether that meant making it where I needed to go during an intense blizzard or putting on more than fives layers of clothing every time I walked out the door. Having lived… Continue reading Surviving the New England Winter: You Scream, I Scream, Ice Cream!

Eleven Essentials: The Bars You Need to Know

River Gods 125 River Street, Central Square (617) 576-1881 Intimate and trendy, River Gods may be destroyed by it own success. But until the masses swamp this small Central Square Bar, its phenomenal hamburgers, generous cocktails, live DJs and fake torches make it one of the best bars in Cambridge. Charlie’s Kitchen10 Eliot Street, Harvard… Continue reading Eleven Essentials: The Bars You Need to Know

Shades of Gray

It’s the end of my RC year. I’ve met people. Lots of people. Impressive, intriguing, bootstrapping, silver spoon, experienced, fresh-eyed, tall, short, quiet, and loud. As promised at the start of the year, I’ve met people whose future businesses I’m ready to invest in and whose daughters I’ll consider giving a job someday. People I… Continue reading Shades of Gray

Upcoming Events in Boston

Theater addresses and phone numbers listed below Check Fleet Center master schedule for listing of Celtics and Bruins games March * All month “After the Big Dig: Artists and Architects Imagine” Free exhibit, Boston Public Library * 4th-9th, “Contact”, Wang Theater* 6th-8th, Requiem, Boston Symphony Orchestra* 6th, Lou Rawls, Concert, Plymouth Memorial Hall* 8th, “Get… Continue reading Upcoming Events in Boston

The Beer Column

As some of you may have experienced, the Massachusetts Blue Laws can be frustrating to those of us from out of state. In puritan tradition, they mandate that all alcohol must be sold in licensed package stores under strict guidelines. Stores have to close by 11pm Monday through Saturday and all day Sunday. These rules… Continue reading The Beer Column

The Harbus Intraview

The Drama of Candlepin Bowlingby Morgan McKenney (NC) It all began innocently enough. My roommate recounted a story whereby a section was asked to reveal their relative state of singledom. She shuddered at the thought but promptly forwarded me the email thinking I might be game. Does that say something?am I weird? The only reason… Continue reading The Harbus Intraview

Ask the Local:

Dear Local: I have a hot date with a sophisticated second year. I want to impress her by taking her somewhere she hasn’t been. Any thoughts? Dear Clueless –This is the type of question I get asked most often, so I have a couple of great ideas for you. The first is a somewhat unknown… Continue reading Ask the Local: