The 12 Types of Friends at HBS

1. The “Text-Message Only Please, No Calls” FriendsMy cell phone minutes are precious. You? Not so much. I mean, we’re friends, but let’s be honest. The information that you and I need to exchange is minimal. “Meet me here.”, “Party’s at 8”, “Bocce on OWA lawn?”, “Movie tonight?” Don’t even think about trying to actually… Continue reading The 12 Types of Friends at HBS

Goddess Worship

The world was enraged when artifacts from our cradle of civilization were destroyed and stolen during the invasion of the Iraqi National Museum in April 2003. Among these artifacts was one of the museum world’s most precious, the Warka Vase, dating back to 3,000 B.C. The ancient carvings on the Warka Vase depicted the religious… Continue reading Goddess Worship

On Balance

The HBS gender imbalance is a threat to our community; how can we solve it? Continuing the theme of my previous articles (you’ve worked out what it is by now, right?), I would like to devote this one to discussing one of the major barriers to the establishment of a productive dating scene at HBS.… Continue reading On Balance

Relationships Have Ups, Downs for RC's

At times the journey at HBS proves difficult for those with or without relationships outside of the classroom. The rigorous curriculum and social schedule make for a tough balancing act for those with partners, yet can prove to fruitful for those looking for love within the halls of HBS (and even outside). The Harbus asked… Continue reading Relationships Have Ups, Downs for RC's

Pass the Carrots, Hold the Pricilla Ball Photos

As our first semester comes to an end, we begin our preparation to leave the HBS bubble for a few weeks in “real world”. First stop: home for the holidays. As soon as your parents pick you up from the airport and you realize that you won’t need to check for at least three… Continue reading Pass the Carrots, Hold the Pricilla Ball Photos

"Dear Gaurav,

“Dear Gaurav, What techniques can I use to get access to my professor after class so I can ask him a question – I can’t seem to get past those aggressive pit divers. Aaaah yes, those learning leeches. I do not like them one bit. They’re like intellectual chimpanzees that accost the professor like an… Continue reading "Dear Gaurav,

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Love Glossary

There are so many slang words related to dating in the US. I have conducted some research and put together a useful glossary. (definitions may vary depending on individual’s interpretation) Relationship statuses * Friends with privileges: these two have a no attachments, purely sexual relationship * Friends with the hope of privileges: situation where one… Continue reading Love Glossary

Case 5: Dating Cultural Gaps

As the author of this column and the “love rep” of my section, I engage in lots of conversations about love, dating, and relationships. (some people call the activity simply “gossiping.”) In one conversation with various international students, we discussed about different cultural norms and patterns in the practice of dating in different countries. A… Continue reading Case 5: Dating Cultural Gaps

The Beers before DeBeers?:

A short while ago, and much to the delight of her family and friends, my sister became engaged to be married. With the announcement began what is sure to be months of arduous work planning the wedding and reception. As brother of the bride, I was given my first assignment early, even before they decided… Continue reading The Beers before DeBeers?:

Dating an Undergraduate

So, despite my endorsement of section love, reactions from the readers revealed that many HBS students still feel hesitant about dating someone from his/her section and making it public even if it happens. Yet, over one-third of the HBS population is single and available (or taken/married but available). Now, who should we date? You can… Continue reading Dating an Undergraduate

Not Feelin' the HBS Love

There is an oft-cited adage on dating and love here at HBS, at least among the female folk, that, “the odds are good, but the goods are odd.” I am writing an article to dispute this posit-posing-as-fact. First, I have more faith in the 65% khaki-wearing part of the population than the person that coined… Continue reading Not Feelin' the HBS Love

Sex and the Campus

Case #1: Section LoveThere seem to be unwritten norms, rules, and myths about dating on campus here at Harvard Business School. Or is there such a thing as dating “on campus?” One of the biggest unwritten rules of HBS dating is avoiding “section love” (i.e. dating someone from your section). But what’s wrong with that?… Continue reading Sex and the Campus

Shades of Gray

“Don’t worry, it’ll just happen.” That’s what I heard about study groups before I enrolled. It’s code for “complicated” in my experience. People say something will “just happen” when they can’t explain how it happened to them or how it might happen to you. You hear it most often in reference to incredibly complicated experiences… Continue reading Shades of Gray

The Harbus Intraview with David Schlendorf and Sue Choe

New York, New York, Ole!by Sue Choe (NJ) Despite my other dating fiascos, I have always had surprisingly good luck with blind dates. The first yielded a rollicking good time at my 11th grade Homecoming Dance; the second resulted in a really sweet boyfriend, and the third-which occurred only last week through this esteemed publication-led… Continue reading The Harbus Intraview with David Schlendorf and Sue Choe