The Physics of Love at Harvard Business School

Ex-Military Physicist creates new HBS dating service. The Harbus heard murmurs of DatingHub, a new HBS-centric dating service, that has been gaining notoriety among the student population. We sent our intrepid reporter, Vipul Chhajer (HBS ’16), to investigate and interview the creator of this service, Asaf Lifshitz (HBS ’16). The following conversation has been edited… Continue reading The Physics of Love at Harvard Business School

LGBT Dating at HBS: The Reality

“Everyone you meet has a part to play in your story. And while some may take a chapter, others a paragraph, and most will be no more than a scribbled note in the margins, someday, you’ll meet someone who will become so integral to your life, you’ll put their name in the title.” – Beau Taplin/Life Stories… Continue reading LGBT Dating at HBS: The Reality

A Beginner’s Guide to Dating at HBS

First, like all things at HBS, know that this is a competitive event. There are winners and losers. There are teams. There are rules, regulations, penalties. There is media buzz. There will be mistakes made, trades, roster cuts, and star performances from the players you least expected. The season will have its ups and downs… Continue reading A Beginner’s Guide to Dating at HBS

Venture Corner: supperclub

What is your business? Supperclub is a group dating service that matches single graduate students and alumni on fun, casual group dinners designed to spark connections.  In a world where many students and young professionals are frustrated with current dating opportunities, supperclub provides an opportunity to meet new like-minded people outside of one’s usual social… Continue reading Venture Corner: supperclub

Venture Corner: IvyDate

HBS Alumni Helping Elite Students Find Romance An Interview with Philip Triebel, Founder of IvyDate Opening by Stephen Hartley, Ivy Date High in demand and short on time, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for students to find their soul-mates. Fortunately,workaholic Ivy League students have a new service to help: IvyDate. Harvard Business School alumni Beri Meric(‘10)… Continue reading Venture Corner: IvyDate

Advice and Goodbyes

Last week, struggling through a painful day because I attended Brown Sugar (no – not my skin tone, but the party AASU and SABA throw each semester – it would be pretty weird and somewhat intriguing if I attended my skin tone, but that’s not the point), I realized something: I only have two columns… Continue reading Advice and Goodbyes

Newport Ball

Attention: RCs.  I want to go with YOU to Newport Ball.  That’s right – I want YOU to invite ME to the end of the year dance. I hate to be so blunt, but time is of the essence, and subtly has never been my forte (as has been explained to me post rejection at… Continue reading Newport Ball

Senior Scramble

Why am I writing this column in just 45 minutes?  Why have I deemed you, my loyal readers, only worthy of ¾ of an hour? Is it my Competing through Social Networks project? While important – no – it’s not that. Is it the vacationing that accompanied a bevy of three day weekends and spring… Continue reading Senior Scramble

Searching at HBS

The one thing I heard throughout recruiting is that “searching for dates and searching for jobs is the same thing.” I famously said this, co-writing a Kwama Sutra article with my section mate Renny McPherson last February, after attempting to gain a summer internship during the on campus recruiting period. Since then, my “single” bond… Continue reading Searching at HBS


After the unfriendly response from the DateHarvardSq folks, I decided to pause and reflect on my purpose as a columnist. My period of nirvana was cut brief, though, by Sophie Bishton, who yelled at me after class, “Where has your column been?” Unwilling to disappoint my readers, particularly the female ones, the Sutra is back.… Continue reading Matchmaking

Kwama Sutra

Let’s be clear. I don’t want to be writing this dating column anymore. By this point in my HBS career, I figured I would be relaxing on a beach in Fiji, holding hands with my beautiful girlfriend (who had just completed an internship at Blackstone, received first year honors, knew accounting based finance, and wanted… Continue reading Kwama Sutra

The First Annual Kwamas

Ladies, Gentlemen, and Heiresses, I welcome you to HBS’ first annual Kwamas! According to the latest BGIE case, the Kwamas originated in ancient Egypt. Started by a dateless pharaoh, the Kwamas served as a way for the advanced civilization to award its most beautiful citizens. The Kwamas’ Afterparty, hosted by Vanity Fair, doubled Ancient Egypt’s… Continue reading The First Annual Kwamas

Kwama Sutra

The story of the Newport Ball is a story often told about HBS students: sex-starved individuals, still recovering from 100+ hour work-weeks, given access to an open bar, dancing and a hotel room. More than 100 hours have passed since the Newport Ball, and despite the gallons of Gatorade I have consumed, numerous types of… Continue reading Kwama Sutra

Scaling Kilimanjaro

I am definitely an adventurous and outdoorsy kind of guy. I couldn’t stand the fact that entering the New England winter was going to make me a slave to the SFP-Aldrich-Spangler-SFP route for a long time. So I needed to go somewhere unusual that accomplished two objectives: climbing a mountain and exploring a new country.… Continue reading Scaling Kilimanjaro

Valentine’s Day 2010: It’s Complicated

View A Highly Situational Culinary Survival Guide in a larger map If I learned anything from a certain geriatric rom-com over winter break, it’s that relationships start complicated and only get more so with age. Until you’re sexting your ex (-wife!), you’ve got nothing on Alec and Meryl, but choosing where to make dinner reservations… Continue reading Valentine’s Day 2010: It’s Complicated

Online Dating: Fad, Farce, or Fabulous?

Okay, let’s engage in a hypothetical:It’s a Friday night and you’re in a bar. It’s crowded. Very, very crowded. So crowded and noisy in fact that any attempt you’ve made at conversation has dissolved into a screaming match. By this point you’ve lost your voice and you’re at the brink of losing your sanity. So… Continue reading Online Dating: Fad, Farce, or Fabulous?

The Dating Write-Up:Best Practices for Finding Love in B-School

MBAs around the world study the Harvard Business School case Optical Distortion, Inc. to learn key lessons regarding the challenges of bringing an innovative product to market. However, there are hidden lessons to be learned in this case, ones that could affect the personal lives of MBAs over an entire lifetime-not just during the launch… Continue reading The Dating Write-Up:Best Practices for Finding Love in B-School

The Dating Write-Up: Best Practices for Finding Love in B-School

It’s the beginning of another year, and Harvard Business School students are gearing up for nine months of learning, connecting, and “transforming”. While academics are only part of the HBS experience, we are all keenly aware of the special grading system used here on campus. For those of you who need a reminder, every student… Continue reading The Dating Write-Up: Best Practices for Finding Love in B-School

The Dating Write-Up: Best Practices for Finding Love in B-School

In FRC and LCA, we have learned that despite a firm demonstrating outstanding profitability, a lack of robust controls and boundary systems can result in a company culture that undermines the entire business. It is imperative that the HBS dater consider how she or he can set up mechanisms that both encourage positive behavior in… Continue reading The Dating Write-Up: Best Practices for Finding Love in B-School

The Dating Write-Up:

Two weeks ago, every RC student spent a day in The Global Leader series grappling with the myriad of issues surrounding the newspaper industry’s struggle to successfully move its business online. In considering strategies for one’s dating life and whether to pursue an online distribution strategy, the savvy HBS dater has much to learn from… Continue reading The Dating Write-Up:

THE DATING WRITE-UP: Best Practices For Finding Love in B-School

Whether we’d like to admit it or not, many single HBS students are preoccupied with the search for a mate. For years, we focused our time and energy on our academic and professional achievement, and now that we have “arrived”, we sit back and think, “Now what?” For many of us, the answer to that… Continue reading THE DATING WRITE-UP: Best Practices For Finding Love in B-School

Blind Dates

Six HBS students let the Harbus set them up on blind dates and agreed to share their experiences. Dating on campus? Non-existent? Negligible? More in need of stimulus than the economy? Your crimson cupids are here to change that. We plan to set-up students every month in the hopes of bringing love and laughter to… Continue reading Blind Dates

Media Habits at HBS – Six Words Every Woman Needs to Hear

If you’ve been dating for five years, you live together, and you’re still not engaged, he’s just not that into you. He’s Just Not That Into You, based on the popular self-help book by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo, is now a movie that explores the complicated world of dating and the hints women fail… Continue reading Media Habits at HBS – Six Words Every Woman Needs to Hear

HBS Couple Profiles – Abigail Wattley & Kevin Kingman

Harbus: Tell us about how you met.Abigail: Well we don’t exactly know the first time we met.Kevin: We met at Williams during our freshman year. We were living in the same dorm and during our first week at school we met during orientation activities, although it obviously wasn’t a very memorable moment.Abigail: Then we went… Continue reading HBS Couple Profiles – Abigail Wattley & Kevin Kingman

Spotlight: Interview With an HBS Couple

Harbus: Tell us about how you met.Jack: We were both working for McKinsey, I was based in the Houston office, although rarely there.Claudia: I was working in Rio and he was in Houston for a particular project. I met Jack at a McKinsey Happy Hour during the beginning of my Houston project. We began dating… Continue reading Spotlight: Interview With an HBS Couple

The Romance Quotient at HBS

Love, at Harvard Business School, is hard to find, and harder to keep. To find enduring love is not to set your sights low but to make strategically crafted choices. Have you become myopically self-absorbed and romantically challenged since you joined HBS? Whilst you wait to increase your bargaining power with advent of Class of… Continue reading The Romance Quotient at HBS