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OD Beats ND in Non-League Play

ALLSTON (OD Press) – Normally this reporter would have the smack-talk engine up and running, but this week’s game report is from a friendly match, as OD called out ND for a game of soccer on the Columbus Day Holiday. While the ND side was out early performing drills and warm-up exercises (give ’em a…


Dark Side Remains Un-"D"-feated

The Dark Side dug a deep grave for The Big Dig this afternoon, defeating them 9-7 in a truly epic battle. It was definitely the toughest game for the Dark Side so far this year. Watch out for the Dark Side in the next round, as they look to kick some more butt, after having…


Dark Side Soccer Blasts Rocco Sifredi

The Dark Siders give props to Rocco Sifredi, who played strong in the first half though fielding only 4 players. Despite recruiting a non-roster ringer at halftime to bring their squad up to full force, fatigue seemed to set in during the second half for Rocco Sifredi and the Dark Side pulled away to a…


Indoor Soccer

Indoor Soccer Dark Side Annihilates Sexy Football Force Not Needed in 20-3 PastingBy Derek Mendez, Sports & Health Editor “Never underestimate the power of the Dark Side” -Darth VaderKicking off indoor soccer league action, ND’s Dark Side took on NB’s Sexy Football. These teams met outdoors last fall, with ND triumphing 2-1. Tension levels were…


Do Not Give In to Hate

In the days following the bloodiest day on American soil in our history, we all had strong feelings and turned to sources of reassurance. Clearly, God and Country stood paramount – God would give comfort, and Country would give protection. But, being a member of Generation X, I also turned to what is arguably the…


Survey Shows Gonorrhea Levels on Campus…

…are exactly the sort of sensational headlines that this publication does not need. Tabloid sleaze is not what we should be aiming for. But I appreciate that there is a broad, grey line. To begin with, take for example, the recent series of items on Cedric Canas and Dana Soiman. This is a classic example…

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