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House of D Continues Winning Streak

Last Tuesday, the OD and the NI volleyball teams, both undefeated, faced each other on Shad Court 1. At the end of the match, only the House of D remained undefeated, with a straight set victory over the NI team, 15-6, 15-7. OD player Cyrus Hadidi finally took some time away from his cases to…


A Run With A Purpose

So what did you do to celebrate Patriot’s Day? Read some cases? Sleep? Suck down some Ben and Jerry’s? Or, did you run 26 miles like Kate Attea, Beth Ferguson, Cyrus Hadidi, Kerry Noone, Bill Russell, and Erin Thomas to raise over $14,000 for a great cause? Last Monday about 30 members of the HBS…


HBS Marathon Team: The Last Leg!

With just three weeks to go until the big day, the HBS West End House Marathon Team has entered the final stretch of its fundraising and training efforts. First the fundraising update: Thank you HBS for an outstanding student turnout at the ENERGY! party held at Atlas on March 1st. While most of you enjoyed…


Intraview with Cyrus Hadidi, ND and Amy Reinhard, NC

His Story So, one day it happens. You’re sitting there, pretending to study, and you see the little envelope pop up. You’ve got mail. Of course, you stop all attempts at studying and alt-tab over to Outlook. Job offer? Social invitation? Another duplicative HBS club email? Another duplicative HBS club email? And there it was—an…


Intraview Post Game Interviews

Uncle Jordy: According to the info in the pairing computer, you both are from California. Turns out you’re both Midwesterners. Where exactly are you from, and do you think that this miscue was fate? Cyrus Hadidi: I grew up in a small town in Wisconsin and fled to California when I graduated from high school….

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