Letter to the Editor

Allen [Dear Editor], At least one of the questions for That Guy wasn’t funny. I don’t believe Iraq is a good humor topic (and the many passionate contributions in last week’s issue support that idea). I also don’t think this kind of section I joke is funny either. “Section I sucks” is not exactly what… Continue reading Letter to the Editor

HBS Wins Silver at Winter Carnival

The weekend of 21-23 February marked the 18th Tuck Winter Carnival, hosted by the Amos Tuck School of Business. The carnival consisted of two key events, a skiing competition and a boat race event, appropriately surrounded by enough eating, drinking and partying activities to keep everybody happy. Given the sociable, as well as competitive atmosphere,… Continue reading HBS Wins Silver at Winter Carnival

HBS Ski Team Heads to Hanover

On Tuesday, February 11, HBS students took to the slopes of Ski Ward to try out for the HBS ski team. In the end, 12 racers were selected: Will Azeff (OK), Carlos Mier-Y-Teran (OJ), Dave Robinson (NJ), Peter Velikin (OD), Nicola Longfield (OE), Morgan McKenney (OC), Jay Yook (NB), Mikkel Bulow-Lehnsby (OC), Jim Verbeeteen (NB),… Continue reading HBS Ski Team Heads to Hanover

Editor's Farewell

Thanks for sticking with A&E for the past year. In my Editor’s Welcome of January 2002, the A&E team’s stated goal was to allow readers to escape the “bubble” by exposing “the HBS community to a wide variety of Boston area restaurants, pubs, clubs, music and sports events.” Upon reflection, I think we succeeded. Granted,… Continue reading Editor's Farewell

B-School By Day, CW By Night

After encountering countless advertisements around campus and enduring the persistent promotion of CW band member and sectionmate, Paul Boruta (NA), I made the decision to attend the CW concert at the House of Blues on Wednesday, October 2. It was the band’s second concert of the school year, and there was a noticeable buzz around… Continue reading B-School By Day, CW By Night

CW: Renamed and Ready to Rock

After a summer of unbridled, dusk to dawn rock-n-roll living, CW is back in Boston and ready to jam. Actually, the band members spent most of their summer as management consultants, investment bankers, and Internet entrepreneurs, but this was only a small sidetrack on their road to international rock stardom. Female vocalist Charu Juneja (OD)… Continue reading CW: Renamed and Ready to Rock