Meet the Kids of HBS

Having children is one of many milestones that students and partners may experience at HBS. Whether your first or third child, HBS is a proven family-friendly place. The MBA Program welcomes children to campus life and the Partner’s Club Crimson Kids offers support for parents and daily activities for children. You may see them parading… Continue reading Meet the Kids of HBS

Perspectives on Depression & Loneliness at HBS

Prior to meeting my class in the fall of 2008, I repeatedly heard that the networks you participate in and the friendships you build at HBS are just as important as the material discussed in class. I quickly learned as a new father, and the husband of a full time pharmacist, that there is little… Continue reading Perspectives on Depression & Loneliness at HBS

Dancing with Stars

By Heather Staker, Contributing Writer Every Monday afternoon, Cecilia Fielding sorts through her OWA closet, searching for the perfect tiara to go with her foamy pink skirt and sparkly purple leotard. Then she and her brother Luke-in sweats with his tap shoes slung over his shoulder-hurry to the SFP Common Room for one the HBS… Continue reading Dancing with Stars

It's Never Been Better to Be an HBS Partner

With book clubs, sporting events, whale watching, donation drives and happy hours, it’s been a busy year for the HBS Partners’ Club. And with an enthusiastic RC class, things are sure to get even better in 08-09. Thanks to a top-notch leadership team and tons of participation, club co-presidents Leslie Gimbel and Rebecca Peet managed… Continue reading It's Never Been Better to Be an HBS Partner