Crimson Greetings, Inc. Announces Product Expansion

Vaunted greeting card manufacturer Crimson Greetings, Inc. (NYSE: CRMG) shocked analysts today during a third quarter earnings call, announcing the bold decision to begin producing bookmarks in the upcoming production cycle. “We believe that the bookmark market is an underserved segment; with the success of ‘The DaVinci Code’ and that book about the Atkins Diet,… Continue reading Crimson Greetings, Inc. Announces Product Expansion

Social Theory at HBS: McGinnis’ Two FOs

Maslow has his hierarchy of needs. Porter has his five forces. Shah has his three Rs. Lots of people have created helpful frameworks that allow HBS students to distill entire career’s worth of work in a single catchphrase. While I prepare to graduate replica breitling, I have been ruminating on a single subject for hours… Continue reading Social Theory at HBS: McGinnis’ Two FOs

HBS Sniglets, A-Z

In an attempt to continue keeping HBS honest and grounded, That Guy offers the following dictionary to describe the truisms of the HBS experience. Aldregs: The curiously awful coffee served by the carts in Aldrich Hall. Alohedge: A half-nod (or was it?) in the direction of someone you think you’ve met (but can’t be sure).… Continue reading HBS Sniglets, A-Z

Top-7 Things You Will Realize You Stressed Out About Way Too Much

Class of 2005, I have a word for you. As you vigorously debate the merits of property rights in the development of English economic might, shake glitter off of your new line of “Fancy Schmancy” quality cards and revel in the newness of the Red Line, be advised: Things will change. Crimson Greetings will fade… Continue reading Top-7 Things You Will Realize You Stressed Out About Way Too Much

Shades of Gray

“Don’t worry, it’ll just happen.” That’s what I heard about study groups before I enrolled. It’s code for “complicated” in my experience. People say something will “just happen” when they can’t explain how it happened to them or how it might happen to you. You hear it most often in reference to incredibly complicated experiences… Continue reading Shades of Gray

SIZE Matters…in the fight for #1 MBA Program

Maybe I don’t get it. Maybe I’m too cynical. But last week I was struck by the ironic simultaneity of two apparently non-related facts. Fact #1: According to MBA rankings by the Financial Times and U.S. News & World Report, HBS is second. Fact #2: According to a memo from the MBA program administration, starting… Continue reading SIZE Matters…in the fight for #1 MBA Program

Welcome Back ECs

Just as the Class of 2003 had started feeling a little settled, having gotten the Crimson Greetings glitter off their hands and foreheads, and into Foundations, they were subjected to a shocking disturbance. The ECs are back. As nine hundred people stormed back into what they felt was their domain, the hapless RCs watched the… Continue reading Welcome Back ECs

Crimson Reflections

According to Crimson Greetings organizer Nigel Downing, the event remains unchanged from year to year. “The method is tried and true,” he says. While it’s true that this year’s event, like last year’s, takes place in glitter-filled universes under the watchful eye of well-dressed upper management, it’s in fact an entirely different event. Why? Because… Continue reading Crimson Reflections

'03 Behemoth Bears Down on HBS

HBS admissions officials are still putting the final touches on the Class of 2003-the final round of admissions acceptance letters was mailed earlier this month-but administrators are already bracing for its arrival, which they expect to be the largest one-time influx of new MBA students in school history.With the end of the two-cohort system, the… Continue reading '03 Behemoth Bears Down on HBS

Where Will They Get All The Glitter?

Soon after the final decision to consolidate the two cohorts into a single class was made last year, HBS administrators came across a crucial implementation issue that had barely come up during the earlier debate: Where were they going to get all the glitter? All along, the plan was for preparations for the arrival of… Continue reading Where Will They Get All The Glitter?

Yeah, Baby…

“I’ll have another one of those!” exclaimed Elsa Kandelman approvingly. However, the reason the floor swayed under our French fill-e was not actually her beverage, but the fact that we were afloat in Boston Harbor. As our pulsating pleasure palace described lazy circles just yards from the wharf (`I could swim from here!’ spouted one… Continue reading Yeah, Baby…