Financial Evolution

In September 2008, the financial world was brought to the brink.  Three years later, we still are left with the question: what happens next replica watches? On September 19, CEO Brady Dougan came to HBS to help answer that very question, as well as variety of other topics brought up in an open-forum environment by… Continue reading Financial Evolution

An Interview With the CEO of Credit Suisse

The Banking world is perceived to be a man’s world. There are not many women on Wall Street and those who are there do not last as long as their male counterparts. We’ve heard of cases where banks were accused of discriminating against women, not promoting them on time, paying them less than the men… Continue reading An Interview With the CEO of Credit Suisse

Charting the New Financial Landscape

On November 7, nearly 250 students and professionals came to HBS for the 2009 Finance Conference, hosted by the HBS Finance Club, for a day of speeches, panel discussions and networking. Barclays Capital was the Diamond Sponsor for the Conference and J.P. Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Citi, Credit Suisse, Evercore and Goldman Sachs were also sponsors.… Continue reading Charting the New Financial Landscape