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A Staggering Stroll Down Memory Lane

So, the year is drawing to a close. It seems like only yesterday I was anticipating the joys of Creating Modern Capitalism and all of the other wonderful events that Foundations had to offer. (OK, so maybe my mind was more on the pub crawls and the TGIFs, but at least I remember the name…


Letter to Anna

It’s been over a week since you left us, and we really miss you. I still haven’t nearly come to grips with the hard fact that you’re gone. I’ve had to stop asking how or why. That you’re gone isn’t right or fair at all.I remember the first time I realized that you were amazing,…


Why I Love Spangler

While I was sitting in Spangler the other day, practicing my best “Look at me, I’m a serious HBS student, studying hard…but don’t worry, I’m not going for Baker Scholar, so I’m still fun and approachable” look, I began to think: of all the places I could be pretending to work, why do I choose…


Highlights from the AuntieGoldie Matchmaking Singles Survey

To be entered into the Intraview fray, Goldie asked all singles referred to her to fill out a survey so that she could match them as scientifically as possible. Really. Goldie matches singles as scientifically as possible. Seriously. Anyway, here are some highlights: Can you identify the HBS singles that resemble these celebrities? Ladies: …


Tedlow Said What?

Welcome to the second edition of “They Said What?” a recurring column featuring some of the most humorous anecdotes that are heard around campus at HBS. Our special guest this week is Professor Richard Tedlow, and we feature some of his more notable comments from the Foundations course Creating Modern Capitalism. He also helped write…


Spangler Food Court Crowds Continue

As a morning of LVDM and Creating Modern Capitalism courses wound down in Aldrich Monday, HBS Director of Administrative Services Robert Breslow stood in the rotunda outside the Spangler Food Court and checked the walkie-talkie he carried one last time. The radios, which linked Breslow to a half-dozen other HBS staffers and representatives of cafeteria…


Hope for the Best

I live by the clich‚ “Hope for the best, prepare for the worst,” especially the latter part of that statement. So, on my way to Boston, I had imagined a campus full of suits walking around spewing financial jargon I wouldn’t understand, hissing at me as I naively blurt out “finance” with a long “i.”…

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