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Can’t Afford the Big Game? ScoreBig was Made for You

In a world with too many fees and not enough trust, ScoreBig offers a welcomed reprieve.  The website allows the casual fan to pay deep discount prices for sporting or event tickets, but also alleviates the concerns of unfairness to season ticket holders or other individuals who paid face value for similar tickets. Adam Kanner…


Harbus Mixtape: November 2011 Concert Series

This month’s mixtape spans the genre gamut from electrofunk to alt-country to trip-hop and includes representation from exotic international locales such as Canada, the UK, Australia, and France (okay, I guess they’re not that exotic). Anyway, we’ve got another phenomenal month of concerts here in Boston with enough variety to please almost every musical taste…


Harbus Mixtape: September 2011 Concert Series

  Ah, September. With the end of summer comes the beginning of school, with the beginning of school comes the flood of students, and with the flood of students comes the throng of bands hoping to capture the ticket, t-shirt, and ‘Gansett revenues that a trip to Beantown promises. A number of fantastic artists are…


Arts & Entertainment are Alive at HBS

For many of us, Boston is a new city – one that we will call home for the next two years. We come with big hopes of exploring downtown, taking in a great new exhibit at a Boston Museum of Fine Arts, and trying out some fine cuisine. And then the HBS social events kick…


Another "bootleg" of Bob Dylan

When I first heard a bootlegged recording of Bob Dylan’s October 31, 1964, Philharmonic Hall concert, I was visiting a friend down in North Carolina about 16 months ago. It was a cold December week, and I was holed up inside my friend’s rented house, warming myself by the cozy space heater. The bootleg cassette…



Boston (and nearby Cambridge) may not be Broadway, but the city often gets shows before they even hit New York. The main theater district is located near the Boylston T-Stop. Walk around or check the papers to see what’s currently playing. And remember Bostix located at Faneuil Hall and Copley Square (617- 723-5181, www.bostix.com) for…


Buying a Valentine's Day Gift for Your Man

Buying Valentine’s gifts for men is tricky. When giving advice to my female friends on the topic, I usually tell them that whatever they’d like to receive on Valentine’s Day is exactly what they should NOT buy their significant other. Flowers? Not unless they started growing black roses. Jewelry? Not unless it’s a 50 cent…

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