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A Tibetan Point-of-View

I was surprised and disappointed to find out that HBS, shifting responsibility by citing International Olympic Committee criteria, would not allow me to put up the Tibetan flag as part of the section flag raising ceremony or even host a Tibetan table at the International Food festival. These restrictions are fundamentally inconsistent with the core…


Message from Joe Badaracco and Kim Budd

Harvard Business School commends organizations like Section Q that promote diversity in our community. The incident at MIT reminds us all of the importance of our Community Values and the need for continued attention to the issues of respect for all members of our community. One example of our efforts to promote a safe, respectful…


HBS and Community Values

Greetings, as Chair of the Leadership & Values Committee it gives me great pleasure to introduce an edition of the Harbus dedicated to L&V issues and HBS Community Values. L&V reps are constantly confronted with requests from classmates to mediate conflict in the classroom. This conflict can usually be framed as a contravention of HBS…


Do Community Values Really Impact How Students Live their Lives?

Is HBS’s approach to Community Values an effective way of encouraging students to behave ethically or is Community Values just a waste of time? I spoke with a number of people on campus who interact with students in a variety of settings to determine if students tend to behave in accordance with HBS Community Values….


Another Model for Leadership and Community Values at HBS

Recently, an issue came up in Section A. Without getting into specifics–and since most of you probably know them anyway–the crux of the issue was: what does a section do when the majority wants to do one thing but the minority is opposed? The answer proposed to us by our section chair was that a…

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