It's Getting Real. . . It's Getting Hard.

“Real” and “Hard”. . . this is what we were teased with at the beginning. Our expectations were high and boy, did ABC not deliver. THIS SHOW WAS BRUTAL!!! We are now starting to believe that Grady Little intentionally blew Game 7, because he wanted to be a guest producer for this show. There is… Continue reading It's Getting Real. . . It's Getting Hard.

Bob, Bachelorettes, and a Biscuit

While many of our classmates were anxiously awaiting the start of company presentations, we were holding our breath for the premier of “The Bachelor.” We don’t know about you, but we would much rather hear 25 women tell us why they are perfect, than hear 25 companies tell us why they’re not hiring. For the… Continue reading Bob, Bachelorettes, and a Biscuit

The Do's and Don'ts of Black Monday

Much ado has been made this fall about the coming of Black Monday. You know, Black Monday, that day, the first day Monday after Thanksgiving, where all the unmarried, “partnered” students would see their coupledom, like warm cotton candy, dissolve, evolving instead into an orgy of single, available, and on-the-hunt co-ed’s on a chum-induced feeding… Continue reading The Do's and Don'ts of Black Monday

Harbus Editor Resigns

Nick Will (OI) resigned Wednesday as editor-in-chief of The Harbus after the Harvard Business School administration informed him that he was being held personally responsible for all content published by the newspaper. According to Will, the administration found a cartoon that the newspaper published in its October 28 issue to be inappropriate. The cartoon, “Pre… Continue reading Harbus Editor Resigns

OJ Goes Skiing

Those of you unfortunate enough to see us around campus will have noticed that section OJ is currently in a deep state of depressive stupor.The unexpected death of Jonas Savimbi, the leader of the Angolan rebel movement Unita, was a shock to our constitution. The news had pierced our silver shield of section spirit and… Continue reading OJ Goes Skiing

Editorial: Community Standards:

“Old Guard” versus “New Guard” faculty debate take-home exams. The debate is illegitimate. As we approach May, some teaching units are actively discussing how to administer final exams. At the heart of the debate is whether or not students will be allowed to take exams at home or a location of their choosing. On one… Continue reading Editorial: Community Standards:

After Napster, What Next for File Sharing Applications?

Some weeks ago I received an email from Peter Platzer (OJ), my Section Tech Rep, warning us that the use of HBS infrastructure to download, distribute or share copyright-protected files represents a Community Standards violation. Peter’s email was a clear invitation to stop using file-sharing applications, such as Napster, which was shut down some months… Continue reading After Napster, What Next for File Sharing Applications?

Inside the Senate

CS Reps from each section (i) meet and discuss Community Standards issues or concerns that arise in sections, (ii) work with section presidents and ed reps to enhance communication within the sections in order to bridge the gaps between people with opposing viewpoints on sensitive issues, and (iii) serve on various committees and panels within… Continue reading Inside the Senate

Time for a Moratorium on Cold Calls?

Last week’s Harbus quoted Dr. Richard Kadison, Chief of Mental Health for all of University Health Services, describing a rut that several HBS students fall into. The way he described it, the rut begins with anxieties about the infamous HBS opening cold call. Because of those anxieties, students can lose sleep by over-preparing for class,… Continue reading Time for a Moratorium on Cold Calls?

Disruptive Technology Covertly Enters the Classroom

You cannot see it, it makes no noise and carries no scent, and unless you are blessed with special electromagnetic powers, you will be unable to physically touch what has the potential to be the most disruptive technology to enter the hallowed classrooms of Aldrich. Sure, I mean “disruptive” in the sense that Professor Clayton… Continue reading Disruptive Technology Covertly Enters the Classroom