Heather O’Reilly (Section E Partner) Nominated for FIFA Soccer Goal of the Year

Vote for Heather O’Reilly here. Move over, Rooney.  Heather O’Reilly, member of the U.S. National Women’s Soccer Team and Section NE Partner, is one of only ten players worldwide nominated for the prestigious FIFA Puskas Award for the best goal of the year, and with the help of the HBS community, she’s going to win… Continue reading Heather O’Reilly (Section E Partner) Nominated for FIFA Soccer Goal of the Year

Cuisine from Colombia

Who’s not excited about home and home cooking? We all are and for some reason, the farther you are from home, the more excited you are about all things back there. Hence, a substantial amount of time at any of our weekly exclusive “girl” gatherings is spent talking about home and about all the things… Continue reading Cuisine from Colombia

Colombia: A Road Less Traveled

Colombia (not to be confused with Columbia Business School) is a South American country that doesn’t get much play from tourists. Somewhere between the CIA bulletins that discourage visitors because of drug-trafficking and the popular Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner film, Romancing the Stone – you get the feeling that Colombia might not be the… Continue reading Colombia: A Road Less Traveled

Spirng Break in Bogota

“Fourteen future business leaders from the United States and Europe will be guided today by city council member Dav¡d Luna around the major recent development programs in the city, starting with the Transmilenio, followed by a visit to the Tintal library and culminating in a tour of the presidential palace and an audience with our… Continue reading Spirng Break in Bogota

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Section Sing-Along

You got to know when to hold ?em, know when to fold ?emKnow when to walk away, know when to runYou never count your money when you?re sittin? at the tableThere?ll be time enough for countin?, when the dealin?s done. ?Kenny Rogers ” The Gambler” There?s nothing like going to an 8:40 class, only to… Continue reading Section Sing-Along

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