3×3 Dinners

Harvard has spent hundreds of millions of dollars on centers of collaboration.  However, tangible success has proved evasive.  From informal conversation, graduate students, especially those from the business school, feel isolated and detached from the undergrad and graduate campuses replica watches.  As a result, Omar Restom (NF) has taken matters into his own hands.  His… Continue reading 3×3 Dinners

Rape & Remittances: Modern Day Slavery in the Philippines

This is Part 2 of 2 in a series presenting the research findings of Justin Hakuta (NJ), who won a prestigious Fulbright Scholarship to the Philippines after graduating from Carnegie Mellon. At the time, Hakuta was interested in pursuing a career in human rights investigation. Root CausesTrafficking is the product of many factors including: –… Continue reading Rape & Remittances: Modern Day Slavery in the Philippines

HBS Students Participate in a Harvard-wide "Day of Service"

The idea of “collaboration and reflection” across the Harvard campus captured the attention of Crystal M. Fleming (GSAS ’08) and Jason Rafferty (HMS ’10) for the last ten months. This idea has developed into student-led initiative of a University-Wide “Day of Service” (DOS), which aims to foster collaboration across the University in a collective effort… Continue reading HBS Students Participate in a Harvard-wide "Day of Service"

Something subtle changed this past year…

Something subtle changed this past year..This institution stopped its use of the adjective “transformational” to describe the MBA Program. A query of the MBA Program website’s searchable text for the word “transformational” yielded eight hits four of which where from the same student quote and the others about a summer program. It is not uncommon… Continue reading Something subtle changed this past year…

HBS Students Race for the Cure

BOSTON, Massachusetts – Over 50 HBS students, partners and friends participated in the Boston Race for the Cure on Sunday, September 10. Race for the Cure is a 5K fitness run/walk. The HBS team, which was organized by the Women’s Student Association (WSA), raised $4,417 to support the Massachusetts Affiliate of the Susan G. Komen… Continue reading HBS Students Race for the Cure

Grade Conflation

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Attending university in Britain, student politics meant snarling Marxists battling for all-vegan cafeterias and the right to collect unemployment benefits while studying. There would be a couple of wild-haired professors who tried to curry favor with the discontents, but on the whole rulings drifted down from on high carrying the strong odors… Continue reading Grade Conflation

7,999 and Counting-

Last week, Jeff Raikes, group vice president of Productivity and Business Services (PBS) at Microsoft, landed on campus to meet with students and members of the HTNM club. A Nebraska native, Raikes joined Microsoft in 1981 as a product manager in its applications group. What followed was a meteoric rise from product manager, to chief… Continue reading 7,999 and Counting-

HBS Working Knowledge Recommends

Country & Industry Surveys //surveys.ft.com/ The Financial Times (FT) publishes about 240 surveys a year and makes them available on their site. These are overview surveys written by FT reporters, not pages and pages of statistics. For example, click on “Food Processing Industry” and you’ll see FT stories on the food and drink industry, consolidation… Continue reading HBS Working Knowledge Recommends

Album Review: EchoBrain

Jason Newsted plays bass for new band EchoBrain, but he’s not the reason why you should run, not walk, to buy their self-titled debut album. What holds EchoBrain’s songs together are the vocals and guitar of Dylan Donkin and the drumming of Brian Sagrafena. Musically, the album is a very diverse offering – a breath… Continue reading Album Review: EchoBrain