Thinking Outside the Planet

When Eric Anderson started Space Adventures 10 years ago in order to take paying passengers into space, people laughed at him. No market existed, they told him. And even if there were a market, his critics sniped, there was no way he could serve it. Five passengers later, he has proved them wrong. Passionate about… Continue reading Thinking Outside the Planet

The End of the End of Big Government

It has been 20 years since President Reagan gave the policy pendulum a mighty push toward minimalist government. With bold strokes, he deregulated the airlines, privatized air traffic control, and set in motion cheaper, less centralized government. Later, as the Cold War waned, the stature of the private sector grew taller and business principles became… Continue reading The End of the End of Big Government

Activated Reservist Says Thank You to HBS

On Friday September 14, I received an almost expected phone call from my Army Commander: “Be ready?we are going.” As a reserve counter-terrorism intelligence analyst for the U.S. Army, my activation seemed nearly certain after September 11th. Yet, as all those who have worked for the government know, nothing is certain until it actually happens.… Continue reading Activated Reservist Says Thank You to HBS