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Coca-Keurig machine could spell end for bottlers
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Coca-Keurig machine could spell end for bottlers

Well, it finally happened.  Keurig announced the arrival of the Keurig Kold machine (or the Coca-Keurig as I like to call it) to officially enter the cold beverage market.  It took almost six years and more than $1 billion but it’s finally here! Folks have asked lots of questions about the machine’s technical capabilities and whether…


Green is In-If you aren't Green, you aren't in!

From people drinking water from reusable Nalgenes, to people taking the Tap Water Taste Test, to attending an Organic Wine & Cheese party, to wondering why there are so many water bottles displayed on the Spangler lawns – HBS students took green living consciousness to new heights this past few weeks. So you got a…


HBS wins two marketing case competitions in one week!

On Sunday, January 26, Lyn Baranowski (OG), Edrienne Brandon (OB), and Wesley Brandon (OF) won first place at the 3rd Annual MBA Marketing Case Competition held at Rice University in Houston, TX. The competition (which started on Friday the 24th) featured a HBS Marketing case on Centra Software, and the competition was sponsored by Pennzoil,…


The End of the End of Big Government

It has been 20 years since President Reagan gave the policy pendulum a mighty push toward minimalist government. With bold strokes, he deregulated the airlines, privatized air traffic control, and set in motion cheaper, less centralized government. Later, as the Cold War waned, the stature of the private sector grew taller and business principles became…

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