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Running the Numbers

63% of HBS students watch less than 1 hour of TV per day 70% of respondents get their news from online news services such as NY.com and CNN.com 43.4% of HBS students don’t subscribe to any magazines 33.6% of respondents spend 2-3 hours on the internet each day 72.4% of HBS students watch 0-1 movies…


Final Thoughts on the Election

It just so happened that I woke up and turned on the television right as CNN was calling the election for Obama. Watching good old Wolf Blitzer deliver the news, I unexpectedly found myself overcome by tears. “Are you crying?” my mom asked, a bit in disbelief, when she called me a few minutes later….


An Unconditional Apology

Wow, this week has seen some developments – Nick’s tragic withdrawal from editing the Harbus, CNN coverage of the event and a question over the freedom of speech in Harvard. I felt a little left out so, to join in the spirit of “covering my butt,” I’d like to just make the following apologies. They…


Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor, I am a 51-year old retired military officer, now teaching government and economics in an inner-city school, and I have noted with interest the First Amendment “case” developing at Harvard. Kim B. Clark was quoted on CNN, that Harvard is “committed to principles of free expression and inquiry … each of us first…


Inside Al Jazeera

Considering its influence, Al Jazeera’s newsroom is puny. When Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak peeked in during a visit to Doha, Qatar, a couple of years ago, he asked, “All this noise comes from this matchbox?” It feels like an American newsroom at first, until you notice the details. While a few of the monitors are…


Where Do We Go From Here?

In the last four articles on the war against terrorism, we covered many issues. We discussed ongoing military operations, the delicate diplomatic equation in the immediate region, and the changes needed in the Middle East and in American policy to stop the cycle of hatred that breeds terrorists. We now conclude with two potentially uncomfortable…


A New Generation of Patriots

Like most Americans, I have been consuming a lot of news over the past week. TV, newspapers and e-mails from friends. Two of the most poignant pieces that I have read were sent to me via e-mail. One, from the Miami Herald on September 12, captures the essence of our anger and the American spirit…

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