Rugby Player Profile

TITLE:Rugby, Co-Captain WEIGHT:Approximately two thirds of Anthony Bangay (OG); 1x James Joun’s calves (OD). POSITION: Anywhere that provides sufficient open space to run away HAVE YOU PLAYED RUGBY BEFORE?Yes. I played for four years at Middlebury College on an athletic scholarship. OK, technically if you filled out the coupon at the local Sizzler and spent… Continue reading Rugby Player Profile

Students, Partners Make Most of Club Fair

Every September, MBA student clubs set up in the Williams and Meredith Rooms of Spangler for two afternoons to promote themselves to the entire HBS student body. Students and partners are able to meet club members and/or officers and learn more about the benefits and activities of each club. The 2005 Club Fair took place… Continue reading Students, Partners Make Most of Club Fair

Sports at HBS: Nourishing the Weekend Warrior

Amid the confusion surrounding orientation, add/drop, and general de-tox from your summer internship, it may seem hard to find time for yet another activity. While most of us make it out to Grafton’s and the Kong three nights a week, it’s equally important to nourish the body and soul… And your 15 minutes on the… Continue reading Sports at HBS: Nourishing the Weekend Warrior

Feel the Inbox Love

One thing that I really missed over the summer, and that I’m really enjoying about being back at HBS, is my increasing popularity. Over the summer, I would get maybe 10-15 emails a day, and I was really starting to feel sad and lonely. Thankfully, now that the EC year has started I’m back up… Continue reading Feel the Inbox Love

QuickPay's QuickFix: PayPal

As many of you know, QuickPay is no longer offered by The Harbus. With the Club Fair this week, implementing an alternative is a top priority for student organizations. Also, there is a lot of confusion about why the service was taken offline in the first place and why there is not another solution in… Continue reading QuickPay's QuickFix: PayPal

Auntie Sam:

Dear Auntie Sam,Long before I thought of applying to HBS, I heard from my brother, a member of the Class of 1999, of The Secret Society. He told me The Society was an elite, distinguished group of individuals with shared common interests that extended beyond merely their existence at HBS. This Society was akin to… Continue reading Auntie Sam:

New Club on Campus!

Can you name the largest industry in the world in terms of economic weight, investments, job creation, and fun? Can you think of better perks from future employers than free hotels, airline tickets, and new resort opening galas? If you are interested in any of these…The answer is “hospitality and travel” and a new club… Continue reading New Club on Campus!