Harvard Returns to the MBA Games

The Fuqua MBA Games were held April 19-21 in Durham, North Carolina. Harvard Business School this year renewed the tradition of sending a team of first and second year students to participate in the Games and the surrounding festivities. Both MBAs and athletes competed in a day of field events to benefits Special Olympics. The… Continue reading Harvard Returns to the MBA Games

Club Meditation

When Claudia Sender approached me and asked it I’d like to go with her and Lisette Chappa Cinzia Rascazzo, Marta Velando and Patrick Arnaud to Club Med in Turks & Caicos for spring break, I didn’t hesitate to give a resounding yes. After months of cases and the cold Boston winter, the thought of a… Continue reading Club Meditation

Who Let the Ds Out?

The Ds are back in full force! Not that they were ever missing. Even during Winter Break, the House of D managed to make its presence known. Ricardo Suarez represented the HBS perspective in the Denver News while on Denver Trek. Bilge Bahar made the papers after being photographed in Stockholm during EuroTrek. Antre Gibbs,… Continue reading Who Let the Ds Out?