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Emerging from the Bubble

I have to be honest: I was in a bit of a rut last week. The end-of-semester responsibilities and deadlines were starting to pile up, and I was feeling a bit overwhelmed. The more I thought about what I’d write for this column, the more I was drawing a blank, and it was starting to…


Class Day Speech, May 2008

This is an exquisite day. A time that is truly momentous. For almost all of us, it marks receipt of the last degree we will ever earn. It marks the final transition of the mind from preparation to application. It marks a move away from learning about the possible and toward creating it. And so…


Class Day Speech of Jeff Norton

First, I want to thank our wonderful host today. Second, I really want to thank the panel of judges of who put so much faith in me to bring me to this 2nd round: Randy, Simon, and of course Paula Abdul. Thank you for believing in me! That’s right; American Idol auditions are next week….


Class Day Speech of Gaurav Grover

Good afternoon and thank you for allowing me to share a few thoughts with you today. Writing this speech has made me reflect on the past two years replica watches. Perhaps Mark Twain said it best with, “I have never let schooling interfere with my education.” Judging by this philosophy, I am sure he would…


Class Day Speech of Lisa Lewin

I’ve been thinking about how hard it’s going to be to walk away from this place in June, leaving behind 900 unbelievably dynamic classmates; my lax sixteen-hour work week; free beer every Friday; biweekly vacations and, of course, endless opportunities to learn. I was trying to compare how I feel today with how I felt…


Class Day Speech of Rayford Davis

Am I really a Harvard MBA? Do I know what that truly means? What will the world expect from me? President? CEO? I bet they are gonna expect me to start acting responsible? Will they expect me NOT to get up and go to the bathroom in the middle of a meeting? Will I get…

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