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HBS Unveils Tunnel System Extension Plans

Given the expansion of HBS campus, it is clear that a more extensive tunnel network is required Given the heavy snowfall recently, and the extreme temperature shock experienced by students returning from Spring Break in the Caribbean, it will come as welcome news that the buildings administration of HBS has finally confirmed rumors of a…


HBS in the Head of the Charles

HBSers took to the races on the morning of Saturday, Ocober 22 as Alex Andreichuk (OF), Dave Bordeau (OE), Sadiq Gillani (OE), Chad Laurans (OC), and Max Laurans (NB) rowed together in the 2005 Head of the Charles Regatta. The rowers took to the water in the Club 4 event shortly before noon before a…


A Good Day to Row the Charles

The warm weather that has at times appeared this spring has enticed rowers of all types to make their way up and down the Charles River. Here, the morning sun greets a rower making his way up the river and past the business school campus. The onset of warm weather also means that it’s time…


The Joys of Negotiation

Recently all I have been able to think about is negotiations. I don’t know if it is the tedium of all of our other classes catching up with me, or the novelty of the competition, but I can’t seem to get the thought out of my head. I invariably find myself asking the check-out lady…


The Joys of January

Ahhh, how great to be back at HBS… The beautiful weather, the job offers pouring in, and my grades reflecting all that hard work and clearing the path to my inevitable Baker Scholar status. Life couldn’t be better. Which one of you is thinking that right now? If I find out, I’m coming after you….


Sports: Charles River hold HBS HBS 17 – 17 Charles River

HBS rugby blooded over 20 new players last Saturday, whilst holding a tough Charles River team to a 17-17 draw. On a blazingly hot day, HBS opened up with a full-strength side, drawing on the nucleus of last year’s team. Straight from the start, HBS seized the initiative by setting up a series of rucks…


A Walking Tour of HBS

Harvard Business School is proud of its long tradition of educating business leaders. While the stately beauty of the HBS campus is a constant reminder of its distinguished past replica watches, the School takes pride in its history of change and its ability to adapt to the evolving needs of its students, business, and society….


Early Impressions of HBS from a New Ivy

The PlaceThe business school is unique in that it is a separate and distinct campus from Harvard University, with its own buildings, library, and on-campus living. The grounds are beautiful and well kept. There is indeed ivy growing on the walls of many buildings. Most of the buildings are brick with classic designs. Many of…


Where to Live as a Family

So you are in. You are ecstatic. Your whole family is ecstatic. The one year old is so happy (no doubt imagining the high-end Gerber products he’ll be swimming in when you land your post MBA signing bonus) he practically forgets about jamming Cheerios into the light sockets. In the midst of your glee, you…

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