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A Stroll in the Sunshine?

While many of you were enjoying Patriot’s Day by lounging in the sun, over 20 brave HBSers ran the 107th Boston Marathon. Running any marathon is an accomplishment, but running Boston is quite another story. It has a certain allure because you can only enter if either you qualified by running a time of 3h10…


Understanding Islam:

Islam will be part of the RC curriculum this week as we tackle economic reform in Saudi Arabia. Islam will be part of the news this week as America continues down the path to war in the Middle East. Most importantly, though, Islam will continue to have an important impact on our world as roughly…


Holiday Planning Tips

TRAVEL o Plan Ahead: As always, planning ahead is key. Book your travel now (as some holiday flights are already booked) and put together a week-by-week checklist to prepare for your adventure.o Weather: Start checking the weather for your destination up to 10 days before. Make a packing list accordingly.o Luggage: Go ahead and check…


Section B Competes in Boston Marathon

While most HBS Students spent Patriots Day lounging in the sun, reading cases, or searching for that perfect summer job, 12 members of Section NB competed in the 2002 Boston Marathon. The night before the race, these sectionmates gathered at the house of Michael Chang for the traditional pre-race meal of pasta. After dinner and…


Bold Possibility, Important Causes:

Dan Pallotta is the Founder and CEO of Pallotta TeamWorks, a for-profit social enterprise that has raised more money for AIDS and breast cancer charities than any private enterprise in history. In seven years, the AIDSRidesUSA have channeled over $83 million directly to AIDS charities, and the Avon Breast Cancer 3-Day Walks have put over…


Dr. King's Advice to Future Leaders

Last Monday’s observance of Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday provided an excellent opportunity to reflect on his legacy. In his lifetime, he accomplished something many of us aspire to do: He created and achieved a vision that impacted the global community. What advice would Dr. King give to us as we prepare to be tomorrow’s…


Volunteering for the Special Olympics

Spending a weekend working with the Special Olympics offered an interesting chance to help some amazing kids and learn a great deal about them and about myself. I wanted to share with you some of these personal reflections as well as some of my experiences at the Games. When Courtney Newman, Section I’s lovely Philanthropy…

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