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Mark Your Calendars: HBS Comedy Night!
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Mark Your Calendars: HBS Comedy Night!

Save the Date! The HBS Comedy Night is the 1st Annual Event to showcase the talents of some of the more hilarious, creative and entertaining members of the Harvard Business School Community. The show will feature stand-up comedy acts, skits, and even a mock presidential debate! ——————————————————————– When: Tuesday, April 5th Time: 8:30 p.m. Where:…

On Campus

RCs Bid on Slap-Bets & Swiss Castles, Raise $287,000 for Charity

RC students at Harvard Business School opened their hearts and wallets in recent weeks, raising approximately $287,000 in charity auctions held in each of the first-year class’s 10 sections. Following the auctions, charitable donations will be made to support various student-championed causes, including aid to wounded war veterans, the fight against terminal illnesses like cancer…

On Campus

The Great Escape: The HBS Charity Fashion Show 2011

The plan is in place.  On Monday 21st November, the EC, RC and partner model inmates rounded up by the RLGC police will be BREAKING OUT! That’s right, the HBS Charity Fashion Show is back and better than ever!  At hot new Boston club, Bijou, our very own HBS models will be sporting trend-setting looks…


Japan, Six Months Later

Six months have passed since the earthquake struck the eastern seaboard of Japan. As the immediate effects of the quake subsided in Northeastern Japan, the aftereffects of the radiation from the Fukushima Number One Nuclear Reactor settled in. During the immediate days and weeks following the quake, people’s sympathies focused heavily on the tsunami victims….


Episode 7: Zack the SA-Cup Champion!***

Hi Friends, As you read this, I have already finished the marathon… I hope!  This is because it takes a week for the excellent people at the Harbus to clean up and edit my articles and get them ready for print.  So as I write this it is Monday (4/11), but for you it is…


Modeling, HBS Style

The Annual Charity Fashion Show Returns HBS is full of pretty models.  But on Tuesday March 29th, we went beyond macros and took it to a new level – real live people. 35 HBS Students and Partners seamlessly transitioned from brilliant men and women of business to radiant darlings of the runway, with the help…


Ramadan at HBS

Two RC students reflect on Ramadan, the month of fasting, after attending the HBS Islamic Society’s annual Iftar Dinner. The sun began its descent into the horizon as almost 100 HBS students gathered in the One Western Common Room. Images of Ramadan around the world were on display on a screen in the center of…


New H Holds Successful Charity Auction

Spring is an exciting time here at HBS. We finally get to see HBS the way it looked in all the brochures! It is also a time to give back to the community and worthwhile causes. Last week, Section H had their charity auction at the Harvard Club in Boston. It was incredible to see…


Running for President

Running for Section President is a rewarding experience. Most of the activities are behind-the-scenes, but if you’re dedicated to making sure your Section experience runs smoothly for your classmates, this is the job for you. One of the great things about HBS is that everyone is a leader in their own way. Each of your…


Ramadan – A Month of Fasting, Charity and Community

The HBS Community Joined the Islamic Society to Celebrate the Month of Ramadan at its Annual Iftaar Event. The sun finally set in the skies. It was 7:00 p.m. EC Danish Yusuf stood in front of more than 100 HBS colleagues gathered in One Western Common Room, turned his head toward Mecca and gave the…


Cyber Altruism in one of the largest Facebook Causes: Smiles for Cancer Prevention

Today, nearly any earth-walking citizen is an avid a Facebook member. Most members are all too familiar with the scores of “Applications” that adorn profile pages. It is no doubt they have likely spent hours denying countless requests to add these applications covering everything from “Zombie Attacks” to “Fun Walls” to “World Maps” that show…


Fantastic Four: the Rise of Social Celebrities

A month into the second year, Section F’s legend continues with the Trivia Mondays, No-regret Wednesday nights, Kash & Josh Thursdays, Football & Southern Food evening, the infamous Mark’s house party and upcoming section retreats. It is always said that HBS is a transformational experience. It is true. It has transformed the ninety-one individuals into…


Are You Ready for Some Cornhole?

On Friday, October 12, 2007, teams of RC and EC students will compete on Spangler Lawn for the glory of being crowned as the Centennial “Cornhole Classic” champions. Participating teams will be raising funds to support research into treatments and cures for Fanconi Anemia and Pompe’s Disease, childhood genetic disorders which have touched families from…


What would you like to drink?

Forget online personality typing, Myers-Briggs and the graphology so (apparently) beloved of French recruiters: if you really want a broad, overly simplistic and stereotypical way to categorize people, you need nothing more sophisticated than a quick glance at their beverage of choice. Milk You are a small child or a jock. If you are drinking…


Love Lullaby

Last night as I dwelled upon the fathomless shores of my dreams I met you for the first time. It was the real you, the you of imagination, of thoughts and feelings and transparency like an ancient glacial lake. You were dazzling to behold like a bauble in a curious bird’s nest and to you…


Clock Watching

Following my previous article regarding sex on campus, I have been on the receiving end of numerous questions, the most common being ‘Does it really go on?’ (Answer-Yes) and ‘How do they find the time?’ The aim of this article is to answer the second, with some tips and suggestions and strategies for the lonely…


MBA Food Fight 2005

The MBA Food Fight is an annual food drive competition founded and sponsored by the University of Michigan Business School Global Citizenship Club. This year, students at approximately 20 business schools nationwide collected food and cash for local food banks from November 8-16. Donations were coordinated through the national nonprofit sponsor Second Harvest and will…


Student Art Show Draws a Crowd on Campus

Students and art aficionados gathered for the HBS Student Art Show last Wednesday in the Spangler Williams Room. The Show was organized by the Student Association and the Art Appreciation Society. Above, attendees take a close look at a student’s work on display. The Show also included a performance by the HOTS and a charity…


Major League Charity Aims to Strikeout ALS

Spring is charity season at HBS. There are soir‚es for cancer, Harley rides for tsunami relief, and the traditional section charity auctions. However, this year has brought us a unique personal story of incredible generosity. Avi Kremer (NI) has taken his struggle with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s) disease and turned it into a HBS community-wide fundraiser…


HBS Students Set To Raise $200,000

Why do people really come to HBS? Is it for the academics? Is it for networking? Is it to figure out how to defraud the banking system? No. We come here to socialize and you know it. EC students are planning to tap into the common social nature of HBS students to raise $200,000 for…


Dr. King's Advice to Future Leaders

Monday’s observance of Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday provided an excellent opportunity to reflect on his legacy. In his lifetime, he accomplished something many of us aspire to do: He created and achieved a vision that impacted the global community. What advice would Dr. King give to us as we prepare to be tomorrow’s leaders?…


Food Fight 2004!

The MBA Food Fight is an annual food drive competition founded and sponsored by the University of Michigan Business School Global Citizenship Club. This year, students at approximately 20 business schools nationwide collected food and cash for local food banks between November 8th -17th. Donations were coordinated through the national non-profit sponsor Second Harvest and…


'Tis the Season of Giving, and Opportunities Abound

For those of you staying in Boston over the Thanksgiving or Christmas breaks, here are several opportunities to make a real difference and mingle with Bostonians who are striving to do the same. Do a search on the Internet and you’ll find an overwhelming number of Boston charities that sponsor holiday events. How does one…


Absolut-ly Fabulous!

When I got my admission into HBS, my biggest worry was how I would fit in with the rest of the student body. I dreaded going to class everyday with people who believed they were masters of the universe and the rest of the world was supposed to worship the ground they walked on. I…

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