The Case Method: Hype or Lasting Value?

The Case Method has long been a unique selling point for Harvard Business School. Where did this method come from? How do other Harvard Graduate Schools use the Case Method and how to students perceive its benefits? This article attempts to answer some of these questions. The challenge of trying to educate a group of… Continue reading The Case Method: Hype or Lasting Value?

RC Partners Get a Dose of the Case Method

Tom DeLong, former Morgan Stanley executive and HBS professor extraordinaire led the class in exploring the Cirque du Soleil case, typically taught in the EC class, Managing Human Capital. Having received the case beforehand, RC partners got the whole classroom experience, complete with cold calls and messy notes jotted all over the chalkboard. Of this… Continue reading RC Partners Get a Dose of the Case Method

The HBS Story

Harvard was considering business training as early as 1885. University President Charles W. Eliot felt that Harvard should offer more training and guidance to its college graduates, particularly since increasing numbers of them were entering careers in industry and finance rather than the traditional careers of ministry, law, medicine and education. The Spanish War in… Continue reading The HBS Story