Never Too Old

As a small child, Scooby Doo gave me nightmares. Since cartoon ghosts were too much for me to handle, the real-life ghosts and masks of Halloween absolutely terrified me. So as a three-year-old I refused to participate in the trick-or-treating that my mom had planned for me. My mother, who is an avid fan of… Continue reading Never Too Old

The Necessity of Free Speech

The following comments were in response to a controversial cartoon that was featured in The Fed, a Columbia University sponsored newspaper. The fallout following the cartoon lead to the NY Times article entitled “Columbia President Denounces Racially Offensive Incidents” and gave new life to the argument over free speech. I was disappointed to learn of… Continue reading The Necessity of Free Speech


Turning this blinking cursor on a blank page into a poignant editorial on our position on The Harbus’ independence, my optimism about the incoming editorial staff, and my excitement about the upcoming changes to the paper caused a lot of anxiety and only arrived after three previous versions of this essay. Perhaps these obstacles were… Continue reading Editorial

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor, As alumni of HBS and the Harbus editorial staff, we read the news about “cartoon-gate” with disappointment but not surprise. During our tenure from 1998-2000, the administration attempted to reign in the Harbus and its staff on several occasions when the paper crossed an imaginary line of critique, using very similar tactics. We… Continue reading Letter to the Editor

Response to Dean Clark's Email (11/08)

Dear Dean Clark:I am glad that you and Carl Kester are anxious for student feedback, and I would like to use your invitation to give you perspective on what some students feel. There is wide-spread concern about the administration’s recent handling of freedom of speech issues regarding the Harbus, and I would like to bring… Continue reading Response to Dean Clark's Email (11/08)

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor, I am a 51-year old retired military officer, now teaching government and economics in an inner-city school, and I have noted with interest the First Amendment “case” developing at Harvard. Kim B. Clark was quoted on CNN, that Harvard is “committed to principles of free expression and inquiry … each of us first… Continue reading Letters to the Editor

Harbus Editor Resigns

Nick Will (OI) resigned Wednesday as editor-in-chief of The Harbus after the Harvard Business School administration informed him that he was being held personally responsible for all content published by the newspaper. According to Will, the administration found a cartoon that the newspaper published in its October 28 issue to be inappropriate. The cartoon, “Pre… Continue reading Harbus Editor Resigns