They Said What

Barry Gittleman (OH) [During CCMO: Incentives class on General Dynamics downsizing in 1991 under CEO William Anders]: “As someone who has been more than 800 feet underwater on multiple submarines built by General Dynamics, I have a huge problem with the CEO getting paid millions while laying off 17,000 employees, and some employees protesting outside… Continue reading They Said What

Breaking News

Capitulating to dissent from several student groups, a toga-clad Dean W. Carl Kester officially announced today that the outcome of the Class of 2003 Section Olympics, rather than Michael Porter’s Alphabetical Selection Method, will determine which section is eliminated for next year’s incoming class. “Friends, Romans, Countrymen: Based on public response to our ten-section reorganization… Continue reading Breaking News

Take Section I!

Dear Deans W. Carl Kester and Kim Clark,I wanted to take this opportunity to salute you for giving the student body a living example of strong leadership in tough times. My understanding is that you and the faculty have agreed to cut back the number of sections in the MBA class-a tough call, but the… Continue reading Take Section I!

Slamming Doors

HBS opens many doors. Unfortunately, the tuition itself closes others. We’ve all heard about the astronomical endowment. Harvard University supposedly has enough funding to allow all students to attend HBS for the next several decades for free without causing much of a dent in the piggy bank. Maybe that’s not such a bad idea. During… Continue reading Slamming Doors

Welcome Back ECs

Just as the Class of 2003 had started feeling a little settled, having gotten the Crimson Greetings glitter off their hands and foreheads, and into Foundations, they were subjected to a shocking disturbance. The ECs are back. As nine hundred people stormed back into what they felt was their domain, the hapless RCs watched the… Continue reading Welcome Back ECs

Too Comfortable for Its Own Good?

Was the renovation of Mellon Hall too successful?In undertaking the work, HBS housing officials intended to make the dormitory more comfortable for students, and the building’s initial residents have responded enthusiastically, with a whopping 68 of the 72 first-year residents of Mellon opting to renew their leases for next year. But that achievement is putting… Continue reading Too Comfortable for Its Own Good?

'03 Behemoth Bears Down on HBS

HBS admissions officials are still putting the final touches on the Class of 2003-the final round of admissions acceptance letters was mailed earlier this month-but administrators are already bracing for its arrival, which they expect to be the largest one-time influx of new MBA students in school history.With the end of the two-cohort system, the… Continue reading '03 Behemoth Bears Down on HBS

Administration: Stay the Course

HBS administrators say they have largely been able to stick to their plan of preparing for the single-cohort Class of 2003 by drawing heavily on lessons learned prior to the introduction of the two-cohort system six years ago. While the Crimson Greetings simulation posed some of the greatest practical problems, (click here for related article)… Continue reading Administration: Stay the Course