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HBS Students Go beyond the Call of Duty

The Student Association was proud to grant the prestigious SA/MBA award to three deserving HBS students. The award is given to students who have excelled in efforts to improve or promote the HBS Community. The students were nominated by either a student, a faculty member or an administrator. All the nominations were collected and selections…


About Career Teams

On the first day of a speed-reading class I took years ago, we filled out a form with only two questions. Question #1: How many hours do you anticipate you will spend reading over the next five years? (A: 3,000). Question #2: How many hours do you believe you should spend becoming a better reader…


That Guy Presents Possible HBS Show Themes for 2003

You all may have heard some buzz about the upcoming HBS Show. For those of who don’t know about the HBS Show, allow That Guy to explain. Every year, certain insane students decide that they don’t have enough worthless busywork on their plates, so they decide to dedicate countless hours putting on a silly musical…


RCs, You Are Not Alone…

Study groups are part of the HBS learning experience. They usually provide help with case preparation, and are terrific social and networking settings. Now imagine the same thing, but dedicated to the second pillar of a successful HBS experience: the job search. Tempting, isn’t it? Well, those groups exist, and they are called the Career…


Career Teams : We need your help for next year!

Powerful innovations always start as a delicate experiment. In 1908, it was HBS. Today, we think it could be the Career Teams Program. Upon receiving the baton from founders Sasha Grinshpun and Peter Platzer, we would like to share with you our vision, our plans for next year, as well as how you can contribute…


The Career Teams Experiment – The Results Are In!!

“What should I do when I grow up?”… Two Harvard MBA students took a question that has forever confounded humanity and designed an experiment… Exactly a year ago, in an effort to escape the maddening lunch crowds at Spangler, we sought refuge at the Shad Caf‚. The immediate objective was to have veggie wraps and…


HBS Difference?

All of us are now seasoned HBS vets. Seems that we tend to take HBS blessings for granted, and that the initial excitement left room for a more complacent attitude. That’s probably why sharing perspectives with future students during the last Admit Weekend was such a refreshing experience. It reminded me of those times of…


HBS: Success 1, Happiness 0?

A few days ago, I went through the most frightening survey: out of 100 executives, only five say they are happy and fulfilled. I thought to myself, “that would be only four of my sectionmates, just as many as can fit in the center wormdeck!” I always wished I had one of those seats… But…

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