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Career Profiles – Benjamin Adams

Career Field Prior to HBS:Private Equity Position in Mubadala :Summer Associate, Acquisitions Group Why did you choose an internship with Mubadala?I was fascinated by Mubadala’s goal to “facilitate the economic diversification of Abu Dhabi while also providing strong investment returns.”ÿHaving previously worked in the private equity industry, I was eager to see how the government…


Career Profiles – Diana Coggin

Career Field Prior to HBS:General Electric, Operations management leadership program, GE Energy, Six Sigma Black belt Position in Horizon Wind Energy:Business development intern Why did you choose an internship with Horizon Wind Energy? Working at GE Energy piqued my interest in the energy sector, and my passion for protecting the environment made alternative energy particularly…


Career Profiles – Steven Alden

Career Field Prior to HBS :KPMG – Senior Audit associate Position in Bain :Summer Associate Why did you choose an internship with Bain?I chose to intern at Bain primarily because of its people and culture.ÿ The partners, managers, recruiting staff and former employees that I met throughout the job search process all came across as…


Career Profiles – Yaw Agyenim-Boateng

Career Field Prior to HBS: Management Consulting, Nonprofit Position in Sierra Leone Plymouth Partnership: Fellow Why did you choose an internship withÿ Sierra Leone Plymouth Partnership? I started out RC year with a plan to donate my summer to doing something challenging and impactful that I could also enjoy, in a very poor country. The…


Career Profiles – Sorina Casian-Botez

Career Field Prior to HBS:Senior Supervisor, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Paris, France Position in Bain :Summer Associate Why did you choose an internship with Bain?I had already decided to focus on consulting as a natural transition from my previous job as an auditor. I wanted to impact my clients’ business in a more substantial way so I sought…


Career Profiles – Sean Murray

Career Field Prior to HBS:Design Engineer and R&D Project Manager at Stryker Corporation(Medical Device Maker)ÿ Position in McKinsey:Summer Associate Why did you choose an internship with McKinsey?I initially investigated McKinsey after being impressed by my section mates who had worked there.ÿWhile researching companies, I also found McKinsey has a long history of developing leaders for…


Career Profiles – Dana Hopp Peritz

Career Field Prior to HBS:Consultant at Novantas, a consultancy in New York focused on marketing and strategy in the financial services sector. Position in Grey: Summer Intern /Strategic Planning Why did you choose an internship with Grey?I had long debated the idea of working in advertising – hoping it would be a field where I…


Career Profiles – Maya Babu

Career Field Prior to HBS:Medical Student at HarvardInterned/Medtronic/Bus. Development Position at Piper Jaffray:Summer Associate, Medical Technology Investment Banking Practice Why did you choose an internship with Piper Jaffray?Piper Jaffray has a tremendous reputation as being the top Medical Device Investment Banking franchise in the country. I was eager to learn and contribute as soon as…


Career Profiles – Courtney Bass

Career Field Prior to HBS:Teach for America, Philadelphia Founded & ran small travel company Beijing, China Position in Monitor Group:Summer Consultant Why did you choose an internship with Monitor Group?There were two major things that drew me to Monitor’s summer program. The first was that the program is really small; there were only 8 summer…


Career Profile – Johanna Wightman

Career Field Prior to HBS:Management Consulting, BCG Position in Buddi ltd:Business Development in Startup Why did you choose an internship with buddi ltd?It was a cool product (GPS personal locator) with an unusual team (led by a British female serial entrepreneur), and I was totally swayed by the sales pitch! The product had only been…


Career Profiles – Roy Ben-Dor

Career Field Prior to HBS:Management Consulting Position in Bridgewater Associates: Senior Management Associate (SMA) Why did you choose an internship with Bridgewater?I wanted to try out either general management or investing and Bridgewater gave me a chance to learn about both.ÿOf the opportunities within general management that I was looking at, its culture was by…


Career Profiles – Courtney Zeph

Career Field Prior to HBS: Auditor at Pricewaterhousecoopers Position in JP Morgan: Investment Banking Associate, Technology, Media & Telecom Group Why did you choose an internship with J.P. Morgan?Initially, I was very broad in my summer internship search.ÿ I spoke with consulting firms, other banks, and different divisions within J.P. Morgan.ÿÿ In addition to its…


Career Profiles – Fereshteh Zeineddin

Career Field Prior to HBS: L’Oreal Canada, Sales, Vancover Position in LVMH :Marketing intern, Louis Vuitton, NY Why did you choose an internship with LVMH?Having come from a sales function at L’Oreal, I knew that I wanted to explore the field of marketingÿas the next step in my career; and what better way toÿachieveÿthatÿgoalÿthan through…


Career Profiles – John Knapp

Career Field Prior to HBS:Engineering & Operations Management, Celanese CorporationCommodity and Specialized Chemicals Manufacturer Position at BCG: Summer Intern Why did you choose an internship at BCG?Prior to HBS, I had spent my career working in a large chemical plant in Houston, Texas, where I gained experience in operations and general management.ÿ My goal in…


Career Profiles – Selin Gunal

Career Field Prior to HBS: Li & Fung, Supply Chain Management, LEK Consulting, Digitas Online Advertising Strategy Position in BCG: Summer Consultant Why did you choose an internship with BCG?ÿBased on my work experiences prior to HBS and RC classes, I found strategy to be a fascinating area. While looking for a summer employer, BCG…

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