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Going the Distance

This is the third in a series of articles following EC Kelly Carson’s quest to run her first marathon through the Dana Farber Marathon Challenge. The past few weeks have passed by in a blur – run, study, class, eat, hang out with friends, sleep, repeat. and suddenly, there are only six weeks left until…


Career Profiles – Steven Alden

Career Field Prior to HBS :KPMG – Senior Audit associate Position in Bain :Summer Associate Why did you choose an internship with Bain?I chose to intern at Bain primarily because of its people and culture.ΓΏ The partners, managers, recruiting staff and former employees that I met throughout the job search process all came across as…


Make Your 2nd Semester As Spontaneous As the Boston Winter Weather

Take a hint from the Boston weather, where it goes from a sunny 60-degree day on January 21 to a snowy 35-degree forecast two days later. Although things may seem monotonous at times, like the expected New England winter, your life during and after HBS is actually quite unpredictable. Admit it, even you couldn’t have…


So You Want to Be an Entrepreneur?

Mr. Andersson’s first entrepreneurial experience came when he was 16 years old. With savings from the stock market, he acquired an ice cream shop in his neighborhood, hired his siblings and his father (without pay), and made it a successful business which put him and his siblings through college. His most recent success was LightSpeed…


Just Try It: Kitesurfing

What is it?Kitesurfing is an evolution of windsurfing, where the sail is a kite that looks like a small parasail wing with inflatable parts. You control it via a boom (a small metal bar), which you hang on to using a body harness. The boards look more and more like wake-boards, i.e. compared to windsurfers…


In and Around Boston: Late Summer Happenings

You don’t need a car to enjoy:Wednesday nights: Swingin’ Under the Stars at Faneuil Hall. Each Wednesday night from 6:00pm – 10:00 pm, South Market Street will be transformed into a swingin’ club. Can’t dance? Don’t worry? Trained professionals will be on hand to take you through the steps. Did I mention it’s free! Check…

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