Where in the World did you Spend your Summer–Brent Grinna (OC)

This summer, Brent interned at IGNIA Partners, a Monterrey, Mexico based venture capital fund that invests in businesses that serve or employ people at the Base of the Pyramid (“BoP”).ÿ The BoP is defined as the four billion people globally who survive on $2 per day or less.ÿ By providing capital and counsel, IGNIA can… Continue reading Where in the World did you Spend your Summer–Brent Grinna (OC)

HBS Volleyball Starts Season on the Attack

“What do you mean we have to write the numbers in big on the front?” If there is one thing worse than waking up at 8am for a volleyball tournament on Sunday, it’s playing at the picturesque dungeon known as the MIT gym. Needless to say, the HBS Ballers — captained by Eric “Downtown” Brown… Continue reading HBS Volleyball Starts Season on the Attack

Back to School Party: Class is in Session at Mantra

Like Wayne Gretzky on a loose puck, HBS students were all over the Canadian Club’s “Back to School” party at Mantra last week.ÿ Given all the long weekends and traveling that many of the 2nd years seem to be doing this term, there was a lot of enthusiasm and energy about getting everyone (both years)… Continue reading Back to School Party: Class is in Session at Mantra

Dehors Dans Le Froid!

Shredding pow never felt as good as it did the weekend of February 25, when several hundred HBSers headed to the Great White North of Quebec, to partake in the annual HBS Mont Tremblant Trek. A contingency of Canadian HBSers were eager to serve as gracious hosts for the weekend and enlightened fellow HBSers about… Continue reading Dehors Dans Le Froid!

Pure Nectar from Frozen Grapes.

I was hooked the minute the sweet nectar that is Canadian icewine first passed my lips a few years ago. The sweet, intense flavors linger long after they burst onto your tongue and jolt your senses awake. Paired with bitter dark chocolate, the luscious flavors become at once richer and more satisfying; this combination has… Continue reading Pure Nectar from Frozen Grapes.

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28 Degrees: Cool Lounging

Having grown up in Canada, I am accustomed to the sensible metric system. So when I heard that a new place named 28 Degrees was opening in Boston, I was intrigued. Originally, I thought it was one of those raw foods restaurants where food is not heated above a certain temperature in order to preserve… Continue reading 28 Degrees: Cool Lounging

Sacreblue, ‡a caille dr“lement par ici! (Tremblant recap)

With apologies to our readers north of the border, Canada is “freeze your a$$ off” cold. Heading into the long weekend, the conditions here in Boston lulled you into a false sense of security. The sun was out, the snow melting, and for the first time in months you actually contemplated slipping on the Reefs… Continue reading Sacreblue, ‡a caille dr“lement par ici! (Tremblant recap)

Oh, Canada!

The hubbub of International Week here at HBS got me thinking, especially in light of the presidential election this week. Depending on the outcome, there could be an economic opportunity awaiting for our neighbors to the north. Let me explain… Not too long ago, there were a number of large advertisements in The Washington Post… Continue reading Oh, Canada!

The Five Files:

5. Riding the turnpike to CanadaWhat: Six hour drive in a silver van full of your fellow ruggers. Pros: This is a once in a lifetime chance to compete for the title of World Spoof Champion and end up pleasantly dizzy after having drunk up to three mignonettes of a fine, tawny liquor. These six… Continue reading The Five Files:

Spotlight on Montreal

What better way to break the monotony of life back at school than to plan a weekend escape to a city that rocks? And just where can one find such a city that is both within driving distance and affordable? Why, Montreal, Canada of course. For those of you that have never been north of… Continue reading Spotlight on Montreal

POINT: My Wedding Was Incredibly Special and a Triumph of the Human Spirit

I would like to say, in front of the entire world, congratulations. Of course, the question naturally comes up . . . for whom? ME. I am now a married man, as many of you know. Thank God I am not trying to run some game on my wife, since that information was printed in… Continue reading POINT: My Wedding Was Incredibly Special and a Triumph of the Human Spirit

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Interview with Michael Lee-Chin

Michael Lee-Chin acquired AIC Limited in 1987 and has, over the years, taken the organization from $1 million to more than $14 billion in assets under management. Much like his mentor, Warren Buffett, Michael is strong in his convictions. “To be a successful investor you need to look to people who have a lineage of… Continue reading Interview with Michael Lee-Chin

Bam! New 'B'ooks

I’ve received some wonderful feedback to my last article from my friends in Section New A…and was glad to hear the article was viewed as intended – as tongue in cheek. However, I have a sneaking suspicion that there will be some literary retaliation in today’s edition. In fact, it’s probably waiting for your eyes… Continue reading Bam! New 'B'ooks

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Coming Up This Week in Sports…

Saturday, October 19th:WHAT: HBS Rugby plays their final road game of the seasonWHO: HBS vs. WolfhoundsWHERE: @ WolfhoundsWHEN: Game Saturday TBA. Saturday, October 19th:WHAT: Baseball World SeriesWHO: National League Champs vs. American League ChampsWHERE: at American League ChampsWHEN: 8PM EST (televised on FOX) Saturday, October 19th:WHAT: North American Strongman ChampionshipWHO: USA (led by Steve Kirit)… Continue reading Coming Up This Week in Sports…

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Texas Club Pummels Canadian Club at HBS Club Fair

Wed Sep 18, 4:02 PM ETCAMBRIDGE (AP) – Students were shocked and astonished when violence broke out at last week’s Harvard Business School Club Fair. Eyewitnesses recounted conflicting stories as to how the ruckus actually started, but according to several spectators, Sara Bergson (OB), David Hirsch (OG) and Class Co-President Ann Marie Jensen (OI) (also… Continue reading Texas Club Pummels Canadian Club at HBS Club Fair

Section NE

Big-E kicked off last weekend with an unbeatable showing of support for our HBS Show participants. But the solidarity of the group was compromised 24 hours later when, much to the chagrin of wives and girlfriends across Cambridge, the men of the section went on some sort of field trip to Canada. Apparently it had… Continue reading Section NE

Post Game Interview

AuntieGoldie: So Brian, this was your first “experience” with a Canadian? Did she wear snowshoes on the date? Did she talk with a funny accent?Davis: She did not wear snowshoes, and there was not a discernable accent. AuntieGoldie: Oh, that’s disappointing. You can tell me the truth-were you purposely trying to get lost so that… Continue reading Post Game Interview

HBS Muslim, Arab, and South Asian Communities Respond to Terror Attacks

September 11th was an awful day for humanity. The enormity of the tragedy is such that for many of us the shock is yet to wear off.It is in times like this that a community is tested to its limits and needs to come together and provide support for one another. It is imperative that… Continue reading HBS Muslim, Arab, and South Asian Communities Respond to Terror Attacks

Looking to Escape the Pressure?

Play the game of games. The Harvard Rugby Football Club was started by Dean McArthur and is one of the oldest, largest, and most active sports clubs on campus. HBS Rugby membership involves training, matches, tours, tournaments, and social events to accommodate class schedules. The Club welcomes all members whatever their desired commitment level. Players… Continue reading Looking to Escape the Pressure?

U-turn on I-93 to “Face Fears, Pursue Dreams”

The Economics of Markets professor turned the question over to the floor: “As non-Americans, how do you perceive living in the US?” Without hesitation, I shot my hand into the air. “Professor,” I said, “I have come to this school to gain access to the US. I will work here after graduating for four or… Continue reading U-turn on I-93 to “Face Fears, Pursue Dreams”

More from Montreal

A good trip, just like Eric Peterson, refuses to die. Photos and stories emerge that deserve an airing, so here are some more observations of one helluva weekend. Bussed UpAisha wrote about the bus journey last week, but this dead horse deserves repeated flogging. The best thing about the 10 hour trip in our bus… Continue reading More from Montreal

Swell Week

While the snow, stress and interview madness was engulfing the inmates of HBS, a surprisingly large number of RC September took the opportunity to head out of town. These were the people who rocked up refreshed with suntans on post-Hell week Monday morning, while, the rest of us were ashen faced and haggard. Some have… Continue reading Swell Week