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What They Don’t Teach You at Stanford Business School

“Do you remember when you first heard of Harvard Business School? I found out from my Dad’s bookshelf. He had a bookshelf full of boring books about golf and amongst them was one entitled: What they don’t teach you at Harvard Business School. It was many years before I became interested in what they do…


B-School Applicants Hack into Decision Site

RCs, think back to where you were exactly one year ago today, and ECs, if you can remember, think back two. If you were a second round applicant, you’d just finished the seemingly endless HBS application. You’d had your interview. There was nothing to do but wait. Perhaps you spent a minute or two thinking…


Harvard, Stanford Fall From Grace

The business school world held its collective breath last week, as Business Week unveiled its bi-annual, unparalleled, irrelevant rankings. HBS came in a devastating fifth, Stanford’s fourth place finish was also a painful dis from those wascally Business Week wabbits. School administrators spent the entire week on the phone, begging students to not transfer, and…


Cross-Registered Students Finally Fitting In

Just in time for the end of the semester, HBS’s cross-registered guests are finally settling into the loveable norms the business school students have had forced down their throats for over a year. Though at first these visiting scholars stood out due to their adorable little name-tags, and the fact that they like to sit…


HBS Declines to Provide BusinessWeek with Student Contact Information

Last week, in response to a request by BusinessWeek for second-year students’ contact information, HBS announced that it would not facilitate access to HBS students on behalf of any for profit-institution. In the past, HBS made an exception for media surveys of MBA students, including BusinessWeek’s annual “customer satisfaction” ranking of the top business schools….


An Apology from Section New B

It has come to New B’s attention that our section is causing some problems for other sections…and for that we apologize. You see, in the 5 weeks that RC’s have been in sections, New B has caused disbelief and jealousy among other sections in regards to our cohesiveness, spirit, and camaraderie. Other sections simply can’t…


Impressions of a First Year

1:25 PMI’m feeling pretty good about life. I’ve studied for the exam for days. I am Kaizen and I am bleeding TOM. I’ve hit the COOP and bought a pack of cheap but high-utility mechanical pencils. I’m happy with most of them, except for the hot pink and purple colored ones. Well, I guess I…

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