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Al Gore Proposes New View on Value

During his day-long visit to Harvard Business School on December 11, former Vice President Al Gore’s overarching message was clear: business people need to change their perception of value. The day started with a lively discussion in Professor Forest Reinhardt’s Business & Environment class. Gore and his business partner, David Blood, the former CEO of…


SABA Diwali Show-Lights, Bhangra, Action

One hundred backless/halter neck sari blouses, skin-tight churidar kameezes, peacock dancing caps, limb snapping dance moves, unabashed choreography, MIB wannabes, plenitude of Tanishq jewelry and heavy-duty Samosas in Burden Hall on a Saturday evening? The occasion-the awaited and uproarious Annual SABA Diwali show of course! With India lodging a population of 1.1 billion people, 200…


Section Olympics Preview from That Guy

HBS is full of great traditions. Whether it’s Holidazzle or the Chili Cook-off or three dudes from Section I asking overly-contrived questions of former Cabinet members in Burden, tradition is what makes HBS the wonderful place that it is. One tradition that has been growing in popularity in recent years is the Section Olympics. For…


Thirteen Things That Must Change Immediately at HBS

In light of the recent events regarding the Harbus and Community Standards, I believe it’s an appropriate time for HBS students to think carefully about our institution and to openly discuss aspects of HBS that warrant improvement. With that in mind, I present… Thirteen Things That Must Change Immediately at HBS 1) Remove all exclamation…


Embarrassed To Be an HBS Student

What an end to a week it was. Warren Buffett and Jack Welch-and a day apart! Two of the greats of American capitalism, right here at Burden Hall, Harvard Business School. I can’t imagine too many other forums in the world where such distinguished speakers would offer up their precious time to speak to 1,800…

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