Burden Hall Should Not Be Demolished This Soon

The Issue Burden Hall was supposed to be demolished after Klarman Hall became fully operational in 2018. Over the Summer of 2017, the administration decided to advance this demolition to mid-October 2017. The student body was not consulted until months after the decision had been taken. The HBS Student Association Senate first came to know… Continue reading Burden Hall Should Not Be Demolished This Soon

50 Reasons HBS is Better Than Real Life

In counterpoint to my other, uncharacteristically sentimental, article looking back on my time at HBS, I feel the need to lighten the atmosphere by taking a slightly tongue-in-cheek look at all the things about HBS that right now look infinitely preferable to the big, cold, scary world out there. So, here are the things that… Continue reading 50 Reasons HBS is Better Than Real Life


In its return to the HBS campus on December 8, 2006 after a one year hiatus, Sankofa both surprised and delighted, captivating the audience of nearly 600. As the lights dimmed in Burden Auditorium, the air filled with anticipation for what was to be one of the best performances ever witnessed on the campus of… Continue reading Sankofa!

An Afternoon of Honest and Unadulterated Wisdom at the Alumni Achievement Awards

An investor knighted by the Queen of England, a former SEC chairman, one of the most powerful female CEOs in America and the steward of Singapore’s economy offered words of wisdom to a Burden Auditorium full of eager, young MBA students. “You can’t learn to swim by doing exercises on the beach.” -Sir Ronald Cohen… Continue reading An Afternoon of Honest and Unadulterated Wisdom at the Alumni Achievement Awards

Diwali: Festival of Lights

HBSers took to the stage in front of a crowded house at Burden Auditorium on Saturday, October 22, for the 2005 Diwali Cultural Show. Hosted by Indian students but enjoyed by all, the Cultural Show included RC vs. EC Bhangra, Bharatnatyam (Classical Dance), Diya Dance, Bollywood Medley, Bollywood Dance (Kajra Re), culminating in the Diwali… Continue reading Diwali: Festival of Lights

Distinguished Alums Come to Campus for Annual Achievement Awards

The 2005 Alumni Achievement Awards Forum sponsored by the HBS Leadership and Values Committee took place last Thursday, September 29 in Burden Auditorium. The forum included a panel case discussion hosted by Dean Jay Light and moderated by Professor Bill George. The distinguished honorees were Rahul Bajaj (MBA 1964), Chairman, Bajaj Auto Ltd., Nancy M.… Continue reading Distinguished Alums Come to Campus for Annual Achievement Awards

HBS Show Wraps up Successful "Wizard of Hawes" Run

Last week, a dedicated HBS Show cast put on 5 outstanding performances of this year’s production, “Wizard of Hawes”. The show provided over 2 hours of song, dance, and theatrics to patrons who filled the seats of Burden Auditorium throughout the week. Although the HBS Show has completed its stint on the stage, pictures from… Continue reading HBS Show Wraps up Successful "Wizard of Hawes" Run

Warren Buffett:

On October 28th, the “Oracle of Omaha”, Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett, descended on the HBS campus for the first time in almost two years. Mr. Buffett, an economic advisor to John Kerry’s Presidential campaign, spoke at the invitation of the Harvard Business School Democrats Club. Students were clearly eager to benefit from the Oracle’s… Continue reading Warren Buffett:

HBS Rocks

The Acoustic Lounge includes five members of the HBS Class of 2004: Paul Boruta (OA – rhythm guitar, bass, vocals), Dan Edwards (OG – piano, vocals), Ranwa Sarkis (OJ – vocals), Omer Tore (OD – percussion, bass, guitar) and Jordan Burton (OJ – lead guitar). The band recently played a CD release party in Burden… Continue reading HBS Rocks


After months of anticipation, the HBS show delighted audiences last week in four performances held at Burden Auditorium. Above: Playing the role of Dean Kester, Sri Krishnamachari brought down the house with “I Lost My ID”. For more photos and a review of the 2004 HBS Show, please see A&E

The Show Must Go On

This is the second in a series of articles covering the HBS Annual Show 2004 (Show). As mentioned in the first article, the Show has become a time-honored tradition and an essential component of the HBS experience. Usually, the Show is a musical comedy and the characters are exaggerated HBS stereotypes like the overenthusiastic Baker… Continue reading The Show Must Go On

Abby Joseph Cohen Remains

Investors take note: Abby Joseph Cohen is still bullish on the market. “Our research states that the current undervaluation of the S&P 500 is 10%. Share prices will move higher, even noting the recent rally,” declared Cohen confidently in a speech given to HBS students at Burden Auditorium on Wednesday, November 19th. Cohen is Chair… Continue reading Abby Joseph Cohen Remains

Warren Buffett Speaks His Mind in Burden Auditorium

The man who as a boy collected and sold used golf balls, started a pinball machine business in high school, and later stepped in as the interim chairman and chief executive of Salomon Brothers for an annual salary of one dollar, rolled into town last week full of the honesty, insightfulness and good humor for… Continue reading Warren Buffett Speaks His Mind in Burden Auditorium

Showtime: Infernal Rate of Return Delights HBS

After indulging in the latest incarnation of the HBS show, it’s hard to imagine why potential employers wouldn’t clamor over any of the contributors to such an impressive undertaking. Hidden talents abound, dozens of HBS students (and a few partners) took to the stage last week performing over two hours of coltish fun, replete with… Continue reading Showtime: Infernal Rate of Return Delights HBS

Infernal Rate of Return:

The HBS Show Staff returned from spring break today to release the long awaited title for this year’s extravaganza production. While the Show’s theme and many details remain shrouded in mystery, Infernal Rate of Return promises to live up to its 29-year history of wit and irreverence. Traditionally, the content of the HBS Show satirizes… Continue reading Infernal Rate of Return:

Conference Highlight – Lunch with Taran Swan

Last Saturday, I joined about 900 students and professionals in Burden Auditorium for the opening ceremonies of the WSA’s 11th Annual Dynamic Women in Business Conference. I didn’t go to the conference expecting to be inspired (in fact, I’d planned to stay for a couple of hours and then return home to study for the… Continue reading Conference Highlight – Lunch with Taran Swan

Welch's Big Day at HBS

Jack Welch had a big day on campus last Friday. After a brief reception at the Dean’s House, he spoke for over an hour to a packed Burden Auditorium (as well as the overflow crowd in Spangler). Welch’s inquisitor, Jason Lockwood (OF), found the experience exciting, but challenging. “It was a fantastic experience,” he said.… Continue reading Welch's Big Day at HBS