Section NE

Big-E kicked off last weekend with an unbeatable showing of support for our HBS Show participants. But the solidarity of the group was compromised 24 hours later when, much to the chagrin of wives and girlfriends across Cambridge, the men of the section went on some sort of field trip to Canada. Apparently it had… Continue reading Section NE

Friday With Michael

For many of Michael Jackson’s fans, Friday, September 7th was a culmination of sorts. The quintessential icon of pop, who for years has endured an acrimonious barrage of ridicule aimed at him from an unrelenting media, finally had another day in the sun. Another day where only Jackson would call the shots and again display… Continue reading Friday With Michael


Nobody quite knew what to expect on the outing to an R-rated hypnotist,but what ever it was, we got more than we bargained for. A potent mix of schadenfreude and voyeurism drew us, and a sell-out crowd to the Comedy Club in Faneuil Hall, Boston, and our eyes were opened.Going to a hypnotist is for… Continue reading Hypno-tease