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Harvard, Stanford Fall From Grace

The business school world held its collective breath last week, as Business Week unveiled its bi-annual, unparalleled, irrelevant rankings. HBS came in a devastating fifth, Stanford’s fourth place finish was also a painful dis from those wascally Business Week wabbits. School administrators spent the entire week on the phone, begging students to not transfer, and…


Welcome Class of 2006!

The year 2004 is like any other year. The sun continues to rise in the East. And it continues to set in the West. Politicians continue to indulge in their favorite extra-curricular sport of mudslinging. The Boston Red Sox continue to have their games come with the warning that is generally hung on Disneyland rollercoasters,…


Making Dreams Come True

To those students who have decided on their dream jobs but don’t know whether they can afford to take a cut in salary, have hope: a new HBS fellowship program may solve your dilemma. This is the second year that HBS will offer fellowships for students who want to work in lower-paying industries such as…


Editorial: Beware the Green-Eyed Monster

Oh, to be an admitted student again! Those were the salad days – the magnificent, magical months between receiving Brit Dewey’s letter and actually arriving at HBS. Full of expectation, full of promise, we achieved a new level of enlightenment in our life and in our work. We found that we could satisfy our needs…


Inside HBS Admissions with Brit Dewey

The Harbus sat down with Brit Dewey, the Managing Director, MBA Admissions and Financial Aid at the Harvard Business school to discuss the school’s perspective on the admissions process, and the affect that external influences such as the economy and Affirmative Action litigation will have on the processes. The Harbus: The woes of the job…

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