Boston Public

Despite being surrounded by some of the best universities in the world, the students in Boston Public Schools have only a slim chance of attending one of these prestigious institutions. The harsh reality is that only 10% of BPS high school freshman will eventually graduate from a two- or four-year college. Blacks and Latinos comprise… Continue reading Boston Public

Training the HBS Class of 2025

Forty-five HBS students have volunteered on a Saturday throughout the 2008-2009 academic year to teach an apprenticeship on branding to fifteen Black and Latino 8th grade students from Boston Public Schools. Classes are taught at Madison Park High School in the Roxbury neighborhood of Boston. The project is lead by the African American Student Union… Continue reading Training the HBS Class of 2025

Volunteering for the Special Olympics

Spending a weekend working with the Special Olympics offered an interesting chance to help some amazing kids and learn a great deal about them and about myself. I wanted to share with you some of these personal reflections as well as some of my experiences at the Games. When Courtney Newman, Section I’s lovely Philanthropy… Continue reading Volunteering for the Special Olympics